Marc Jacobs, Madonna, SJP

Marc Jacobs entered rehab last week

after 7 years of soberity, he is back in rehab again. He checked in at rehab center in Arizona just as soon as he finished showing his Louis Vuitton A/W 07 collection to close Paris Fashion Week. Get sober soon MJ, so you can design more bags for me to lust over…:D. Btw, do you like his new look? It seems like he is getting skinnier and skinnier for each fashion week.

M by Madonna for H&M

I wasn’t really interested when I heard that Madonna was about to design yet another line for H&M..the sweatpants she designed last time was nothing special and the sales didn’t go very well, that’s why I was surprised to see H&M sticks with her. But oh boy I am now even more surprise to find out that the collection is actually pretty good…I haven’t checked them at the store (they just launched a few days ago) but judging from the pictures..all of them looks lovely and totally wearable. chic and elegant, which is actually not what I think of Madonna..but she does (or maybe i should credit her design team) good. I like the dress…and the trench coat. If I hadn’t buy a trench coat last weekend I will snatch this one up. I guess I’ll visit the store this weekend.

Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker for Steve & Barry’s
I think everyone should realize that Sarah Jessica Parker is no Carrie Bradshaw. SJP doesn’t have Patricia Field to help putting together her every outfit everyday. In real life, she is far from what I would call a fashion icon. But because the Carrie image is so strong, people will automatically think of Carrie and her interesting sense of style when they think of SJP. That’s why I don’t understand why GAP asked her to be their spokesperson last time because GAP equals basic, something that Carrie doesn’t wear.

Now she is teaming up with Steve & Barry’s to design spring and summer line. I’m sure not many of you know what Steve & Barry’s is. It’s actually the store that offers the cheapest range of clothes, with most of them priced below $20 and even $10. It offers casual clothes, the store to go when you need varsity t-shirts (your university athletic t-shirt) because they sell them for like $5.99 or something. Anyway, pokonya they sell very casual looking clothes they make Forever 21 looks like couture. Again, not something that you associate with SJP or Carrie Bradshaw and judging from the pictures below, I don’t think I will be bothered to take a look at the store. I’m all for cheap chic fashion and I like the idea of fashion designer (not so much celebrity) and retail business collaboration but not when they look something like these…=(