women & bags…part one

I had a fashion interview today with the host & the producer of Voice of America Executive Lounge, Ian Umar out of Washington DC. It was a quick 15 minutes interview, topicnya apalagi kalo bukan handbags and the lifestyle around it. So for those of you in Jakarta and/or in other cities across the Trijaya network, you may want to tune in to Trijaya FM later on this week. It would be either on thursday/friday, I’ll let you know the exact date and time when I receive the follow up. This talk show has just launched this month, targeted for young professionals and on weekends, it’s hosted by ariono arifin(you might know him from his prambors days).

I’m not going to spill the details about the discussion in here..at least not until it’s aired…but it was fun..=)

Ngomong ngomong soal tas (atau sepatu, atau perhiasan..atau apa aja yang banyak di obsesi oleh wanita) memang nggak ada habisnya yaa, most men will never understand it. for me, my bag is an extension of my personality. i carry it everywhere, from the mall to the grocery store to the post office to the front row seat at the marc jacobs fashion show (still waiting for the invitation, actually!). it holds lots of my personal things inside (wallets and the important cards, cell phone, organizer filled with list of activities, to do list and my whole dreams and other valuables)..see..my bag is actually my soul keeper..;).

So how about you, what do you obsess over and why?

UPDATE: Ternyata di tayanginnya hari rabu 28 maret jam 19.30. Dengerin ya di Trijaya FM Jakarta dan jaringannya yang ada di Bandung, Semarang, Yogya, Surabaya, Medan dan beberapa kota lainnya.