Proenza Schouler @ Target

The most anticipated collection from target GO International is finally here…it was supposed to hit the shelves on February 4, I went to my local target only to find some left over from Behnaz (the previous designer) collection..boohoo..padahal udah semangat gitu ke Target pas lagi ke superbowl so I could have the whole store all by myself while other people were watching the game. Kata si mbak mbak nya memang belum di keluarin koleksi nya, should be out sometimes this week. But has put it online, you can click here to see the whole collection. I really liked it when I first saw the whole look, I planned to buy the skinny pants and the gray skinny jeans, but when I saw the individual pieces online iIwasn’t too excited. I guess I just have to see them in the store and see how they fit. I’m afraid none of the pants would fit since I’ve gained quite a few pounds from my trip last month, i’m trying to slowly shaking them off pound at a time..:D