Loving My Chanel Bag

Is this bag look familiar to you? This was featured on ‘inside her bag’ a few months bag. The lovely owner sold this beautiful white with phyton CC cambon ligne multipocket reporter bag to me last month cause she needed to make room in her closet for her new birkin..:o). I love love l.o.v.e this bag, it’s the first chanel bag that i like. I saw Katie Holmes toting it around two years ago. It holds lots of stuff and it’s classic looking. But the thing is, it attracts dirt easily..I hate the color transfer too. When the handle rests on the white body, it’ll leave black/dark blue marks on it..so I have to put some cloth around to make sure the handle doesn’t touch the white part. I wish chanel makes cleaning product. Oh btw, chanel just increased some of their prices beginning February 1, the increase it’s pretty steep too (25%). I don’t know if the cambon ligne was included in the price increase or not, but last time I checked this was priced at $3175 plus tax.