where are the factory outlets?

last week i received an email from an avid reader of this blog (hey that’s what she said..:D) asking me where are the good factory outlets in bandung. i’m planning to visit bandung too and her emailed just hit me that i don’t know much about bandung. i know there’s lots of factory outlets there, but where? i don’t know the name, much less the exact location and the address. i haven’t been there for the last 6 or 7 years..so i don’t know anything about it other than the batagor riri and sus merdeka or something..hehehe. too bad i can’t be much of a help for her. but i still need the recommendation though…i’m planning to go next week..so i’d really appreciate any information regarding good shopping in bandung, can be factory outlets or any local boutiques that carry good and cheap stuff…;)…kalo ada yang tau tolong kasih tau namanya sama alamatnya yaa..thanks a lot before..i really appreciate it..=)