what’s on your back pocket?

premium denim is so worth it, once your butt has been hugged by a really great fitting pair of jeans, there’s no going back to the GAP

hihihi, it’s a title from an article i read a while ago but now i forgot where i read it from, i’m sorry i couldn’t give proper credit…but i posted it anyway cause i thought that’s pretty funny..:-). i’ve been looking for a pair of straight-leg jeans lately..but still don’t know which one i want, the clean and crisp looking no logo back pocket? the one with flap back pockets? or the one with embroidered or crystallized back pockets? the one with the zipper at the ankles? there’s too many to choose..=).

this, however, gets me wondering if anyone is obsessed with the design of the back pockets. i mean, of course the distinct design of the back pockets is one of the reasons why people are willing to pay the extra money, right? would i have paid that much if my rock and republic doesn’t come with the signature R stitching on the back pockets? i don’t think so..heheh. but surely that’s not the main reason, i wouldn’t buy it if it doesn’t fit me nicely. my friend thought i was crazy when i bought my earnest sewn jeans that has clean looking pocket, well actually the stitches in the corner slanted a little bit, it’s not flashy at all..but she thought what’s the point of buying expensive jeans if people can’t tell it from a mile away?..hehe, but i’m not trying to impress anyone, so it doesn’t matter if people know or not..besides, those in the know would know you know??..:D. i got to be honest though, it’s becoming a habit for me to look at other people’s behind to see what kind of design they have down there..i know nggak penting banget yaa. tapi emang udah kebiasaan, sama kaya dulu
waktu smp/sma kalo terima kartu ulang taun atau kartu apa aja pasti deh langsung di balik untuk di liat merknya apaan, hallmark/shoebox, american greetings, etc?..hehehe. tapi kayanya sih, the newer denim lines come with sleeker looking design ya kaya, plain and simple kaya J Brand, acne jeans, superfine soalnya kebanyakan kan skinny jeans, jelek kalo keramean and it’s fall when people mostly wear dark colors, lagian kalo jeans yang nggak banyak embelishmentnya lebih bisa di dress it up.

so, does the pocket design matter for you? how much are you willing to pay for that perfectly cut and washed jeans? do you think it’s worth it to pay three digits for a pair of jeans?. i had never thought that jeans could be such a fashion staple, that was until i found the world of premium denim jeans. dulu pertama tau ya apalagi kalo bukan seven for all mankind, waktu keluar kan taun 2000, but i didn’t find out about it until 2002, heheh..heyy i lived in a small college town where express was the most fashion forward brand..:D. now jeans have become the little black dress for me (cause i don’t even own a black dress..;p), i could dress it up and dress it down depending on the occassion. ternyata memang beda yaa..the look and the cut is different, they are much more flattering, the quality is higher too.. that’s why i can totally justify the price. pilihannya jelas lebih banyak dari mulai modelnya sampe efek washing/finishingnya, ada yang pake chemical, stone-washing, sand-blasting, whiskering and baking. most of the sewing is done by hand. materialnya juga beda, they usually use import fabric from japan and italy, where the world’s best denim are, jadi nggak losing shape/becoming saggy after a few hours of wearing. i’ve tried many of the high street jeans like gap, old navy, banana republic, j-crew, express, etc..so believe me, i can tell difference..but if you can’t tell the difference and you look good in your target jeans than wow..lucky you cause that means you can have more funds for other things..=)