what to save, what to splurge on beauty care & make up

not everything is created equal and not all of the expensive ones necessarily better than the cheaper ones. here’s what i have found so far from reading all of those magazines, and also from personal experience. btw, i define cheap/inexpensive stuff for the ones you can find at drugstore/walmart and expensive for the ones that can only be found at sephora or other higher end beauty counters.

what to save:
- Cleansers. as long as they cleanse your face really well, why bother spending so much when you can get the same result using the cheap stuff. i’m using cetaphil and i’m happy with it. saya juga ada biotherm cleansing milk which also cleans very well, tapi pasti yang lebih murah juga ada. bottom line is, you should spend less for something you will wash off right away, and spend more for products that stay on your face (moisturizer, night cream, etc)

- Mascara. maybelline is my all time favorite. i have bobbi brown but i still like my maybelline better. lagian mascara shelf life nya nggak lama, jadi mendingan beli yang murah meriah aja.

- Sunscreen. well, untuk seluruh badan, i use neutrogena..tapi kalo untuk muka i find it hard to find the inexpensive ones yang nggak greasy dan bikin muka keliatan berminyak. so far i like shiseido and dr. murad best.

- Lip Balm. the $1 works just as well compare to the $20 ones. burt bees is my favorite.

- Eye Make up Remover. I’ve never used eye make up remover because i feel my cleanser cleans my eyes just as well, do they really have different ingredients for the face and eyes?. pokonya yang jelas kan asal bisa ngebersihin mata dari eyeshadow aja kan?.

- nail polish. i don’t wear nail polish, so i couldn’t careless about this one, heheh..but it’s one of those that you don’t need to spend so much on karena nggak begitu tahan lama.

- Lip Glosses. well, i think no matter what the brand is, they don’t last long on your lips and you have to reapply it throughout the day. the drugstore ones have all kinds of colors imaginable, so you should find the one you like there. my favorite one is from rimmel.

what to splurge:
- Foundation. seperti yang udah pernah di tulis di postingan kemaren kemaren, it’s hard to find the right foundation dan biasanya the higher the brand, the more shades they have jadi kita lebih gampang cara shade yang paling match sama kulit kita. formula nya juga lebih bermacam macam, ada yang liquid, creamy, powder, etc. lagian kalo beli di drugstore itu nggak bisa di coba, tapi kalo beli di sephora or stand alone make up counter bisa di coba dan bisa minta sample juga. I’m using bareEscentual right now and i’m loving it..=)

- Powder. I’m not sure kalo yang ini sih soalnya memang sih banyak higher end brand yang konsistensi nya lebih bagus, lebih silkier and smoother dan juga tahan lama. so if that’s what you’re looking for, you should go for the higher end brand..tapi kalo untuk sehari hari and you don’t mind reapplying it during the day..yang murah meriah juga ok kok..my mom uses bedak Marcks untuk sehari hari nya..hehe dan tetep keliatan bagus bagus aja kok. cocok cocokan aja kali yaa, dan tergantung foundation/moisturizernya juga sih. saya jarang sebenernya pake bedak..heheh karena memang nggak terlalu suka keliatan matte gitu, i like my face to look a little dewy most of the time..jadi nih bedak tabur clinique sama MAC yang compact nggak abis abis, i like them both..sekarang pake bareEscentual juga sih, hehe I’m really sold on their products..:D

- eye shadow & lipstick. higher end brands usually have more quality formulas yang lebih keluar warna nya dan lebih tahan lama, warnanya juga lebih macem macem dan lebih bagus di kulit.

- moisturizer. kalo menurut saya sebenernya sih ini cocok cocokan aja, tapi udah coba beberapa drugstore brands tuh biasanya oily gitu sih

- make up brushes. i didn’t understand this part at first, until i experienced it myself. memang beda deh brush yang mahalan sama yang murah…dulu mikirnya yang penting kan eyeshadownya, ngapain juga beli brush mahal mahal? tapi ternyata, they are worth the investment karena lebih well made, shape nya juga beda, trus density of hairnya juga, dan yang jelas nggak gampang rontok deh. lebih keliatan bagus deh make up nya…beli nya satu satu aja biar nggak berasa…lagian kan cukup beli sekali aja sampe selama bertahun tahun/sampe ilang..heheh.