Got my Gold Watch it’s not one of those that I posted the other day, it may not as nice as those watches but it sure beats the prices. This one is from target and it is only $19.99, hehehe..merk nya aja merona..but hey my number 1 rule is when I buy cheap stuff, make sure the brand name is not visible and make sure there’s no logo on it..haha, I just hate it when I found cute cheap stuff yang ada logo atau merk nya keliatan dengan jelas soalnya jadi bikin jelek aja deh….maunya beli murah..tapi nggak mau keliatan/ketauan kalo itu murah..:p. This one is not bad, doesn’t look cheap (or so I thought..) and it doesn’t have ‘merona’ written on the face..jarang jarang nemu jam warna gold yang keliatan bagus tapi murah karena biasanya warna goldnya pasti jelek deh, ada yang terlalu shiny, terlalu kuning, terlalu orange..they rarely get the color right..kecuali kalo jam warna silver biasa atau yang model kulit baru deh lebih gampang. This satisfies my thirst for a gold watch and since it’s gonna be my first time wearing gold watch, i think it wise to play around with a cheaper one first to get used to it, and to see if II’ll get a good mileage out of it.