08. Inside Manda’s Bag

The Bag:
Guess Purplish Pink Leather
(as you might have noticed right after you read the term “purplish pink”, that I don’t actually know the real name of my bag. So I made it up)

The Contents:

  • A humongous plastic pencil case with orange lining and a huge, bright colored sign that said “SAPI” on the front (it was my high school nick name). This case itself contains pencils, pens, highlighters, post-it notepad, an eraser, a calculator, and a 512 MB jump drive where I store my homeworks and other school stuff). I found it at a mall in Bandung, and saw this cute case. It has a double layer, which is see through, and in between there are these tiny, yellow foam balls all over. Right away I knew that it’ll help to keep me amused during a long, boring class.. ;p
  • Polo R&L wallet with blue/green tartan motive
  • Blue Cookie Monster checkbook (I always have this since the pouch inside fits my weird-sized insurance card that won’t fit into my wallet)
  • Task book/calendar from American Express with silver cover and my initial on it
  • Old Palm PDA with black and white screen (he he yeah, I actually need both, task calendar and PDA)
  • Burberry sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses case for my blue anti computer radiation glasses
  • Purple Conair 2-in-1 brush and mirror compact (need this for my long hours on campus, since I usually have my classes right after I finish my work)
  • Menthol lipbalm and Maybelline Lipsmooth with cranberry shade
  • Black hair claw that shapes like a huge button (for bad hair days)
  • Love Spell Victoria Secret body splash (yep..that long hours again hehe)
  • Aqua Shui Lavender moisturizer
  • Anti Bacterial hand gel – Tropical Passionfruit, from Bath & Body Works (works like a charm and it smells cute)
  • Wrigley’s spearmints (always need mints after meals to refresh my mouth)
  • Dentyne Ice gum (handy when I feel sleepy and/or bored in class)
  • Small bottle of Tylenol (for those headaches from staying up so late doing last minute homeworks hehe)
  • My beloved and dependable Sony Ericsson W-550 series
  • I-Pod Shuffle with an orange case (it always helps me get through my work and study hours, keeps me pumped up ^_^)