what are your shopping rules?

i found a list of shopping rules in the lucky shopping manual book, they are the ones in bold from #1 to #13, the rest is my own.

1. Always try it on, and always sit down in it.
and while you’re at it, lift your arms around too to see if you can move easily.

2. Be sure you know the store’s return policy.
i know most stores don’t take returns back home, but some usually do as long as you tell them in advance that you’ll be exchanging it with another color or size if the one you buy doesn’t work. they will then mark the receipt and allow you to exchange it a few days later.

3. if you’re unsure about a big-ticket item, put it on hold for 24 hours and think it over.
or if you live in the state, you can just simply buy it first and then think about it..if you decide that you don’t really need it, you can always take it back.

4. don’t buy anything that doesn’t flatter you or isn’t comfortable, no matter how of-the-moment it is.

yes..and don’t buy anything that is too tight and thinking it’s okay to buy it since you’ve been planning to go on a diet and will lose 5 pounds soon anyway..hmm sounds like…myself!!!..:D.

5. If you have to talk yourself into a purchase in the dressing room, pass it on.
couldn’t agree more with this one, i have a few clothes still with the tags attached, i bought them when i had to reassure myself a few times that it was a good buy.

6. In a shopping emergency, for for shapes or labels you know you can count on.

this will help you save time and worry.

7. If there’s nothing in your closet to wear with it, skip it.

but but but..that can also be used as an excuse to buy something else right?..heheh..

8. really amazing one-of-a-kind items will disappear, if you fall in love with one, buy it right away.
especially if it’s at a price that you can afford!!

9. never purchase something just because it looks good on someone else.
that’s why you have to do the #1 up there and unless your last name is moss, there will always certain things that won’t look right on you.

10. don’t buy anything on sale that you wouldn’t consider at full price.
hmm..this one is hard, because sometimes the reason for not buying stuff at its full price is not so much about the style but the price tag itself that is plain unaffordable…don’t you think?

11. learn the markdown schedule at your favorite stores.
always ask the sales associate, department store usually have big sales twice a year , for example nordstrom offers sale on November for women and kids and december for men and their biggest sale is the anniversary sale which falls on july. gucci goes on sale late may and early december. also, m sure you know when they will have new shipment, that way you get to see the new arrivals first.

12. say yes to fake diamonds and pearls but no to fake silver and gold.
i agree with this, what’s the point of buying them when you know they will tarnish and turn black soon.

13. know your rights, if an item is marked down soon after you buy it (usually up to two weeks later), you’re entitled to a price adjustment.
that’s why you need to keep your receipt!!.

14. be an equal opportunity shopper
take time to visit stores you don’t usually visit and do try other styles outside of your normal style…you might surprise yourself.

15. wear as little as (and as simple..no button up shirt) possible when you go shopping
because it is a hassle to have to take off your coat, your cardigans and your tanktop to try something on.

16. don’t carry a handheld bag and don’t wear boots or lace up shoes.
for the same reason as #15

17. don’t buy it unless you have a specific place or event to wear it
because your size might have changed by the time you want to wear it.

phewww…that’s quite alot, how about you?