i’m drowning in magazines

i have lots of indonesian magazines that i just received recently, there’s more in the car, in the bathroom and in my bedroom that i didn’t bother to take pictures…well i am afterall a self proclaimed magazine whore for as long as i remember, hehe…i remember my first GADIS subscription when i was in my elementary school, it was the new year edition, the cover was susan bachtiar, the color was black and she was carrying a yellow umbrella, hehe, i remember all of the osella t-shirt and Hani & Roberts ads, i still remember all of the gadis sampul too, waktu itu jamannya siti rakhmayanti, ersa mayori, clara nelly, etc..ahh i’m sure my mom has thrown those magazines away. I used to read majalah Mode too. when i read magazine, i don’t just glance through the pages, i study them, i always look at the editor list, check who the models are, the photographer, the agency, the stylist, the location and everything else. i know i’m obsessed, and i spend lots of money on magazines whenever i go back home. here, the subscription is cheap, only $12 a year, that’s $1 per issue..much cheaper than the $4 per issue if you buy it from the newstands.

my favorite US magazine is Lucky, it’s a shopping magazine so don’t expect to find articles there but there’s so much stuff to drool over in that magazines, stuff that are more real and wearable, i like the fashion spread that shows you how to dress better and i like the editor picks too and how they put the pieces together.

i like W magazine too, it has exceptional fashion photography that are printed on an oversized format and interesting articles and interview. the magazine shows you the lifestyle of the riches, the artistic and luxury pieces.

right now, i’m contemplating to subscribe to WWD (womens wear daily) publication, it’s more like a tabloid/newspaper and it’s not cheap, it’s $200 a year, but it comes everyday. here’s a description from the website “WWD is dedicated to providing a balance of timely, credible business news and key women’s fashion trends to a dedicated readership. This readership includes retailers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, financiers, Wall Street analysts, international moguls, media executives, ad agencies, socialites and trend makers.“. Bottom line, it’s everything that i’m looking for. i’ve never read the paper since it’s subscription only, but i do buy the magazines that is issued every few months. in fact, i just won these on ebay, one is ‘one hundred years of fashion’ and the other one is WWD ninety, a special issue for its 91st anniversary.

some people keep their magazines and stack them nicely on the bookshelves, but if i do that then my house will be filled with magazines from wall to wall, so what i do is, i ripped the pages i like, throw out the rest and insert the pages into the transparent pocket and put them in the binder i got when i worked at GAP inc. It saves a lot of storage space and it also saves time when you want to look for something particular but forgot which magazine was that, or when you just want to look for inspiration. i absolutely love just flipping through the pages.

so what’s your favorite magazine?