clean and sleek, club monaco

i fell in love with this store when i first went there in chicago, and fell in love with it even more when i visited again in DC last month. how i wish we have club monaco here because lately i found myself leaning towards clean, simple yet modern and sleek clothes which is offered by club monaco. they feature simplicity at its best. maybe you can compare it to banana republic but it is not as conservative, definetely more stylish than banana republic. i think i’m over the trendy store like forever 21, hehe..granted the price is higher than forever 21 but the quality is certainly better and the style is classic, everything can be matched with anything, so you will never look outdated. i’m going to chicago again next month, and of course i’ll be at the north michigan avenue store.

the first club monaco store was opened in Toronto, Canada in 1985. so it was originally a canadian retailer but Polo Ralph Lauren Corp bought Club Monaco in 1999. now club monaco can be found in 6 canadian provinces and also some US Cities like LA, SF, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Michigan, Mall of America Minnesota, New Jersey, New york City, Virginia and Seattle as well as countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Dubai. I heard its online store is coming up soon..that’s good to hear….=)