which one is which?

nichole richie looks eerily similar to her stylist, rachel zoe, in this picture that i believe it was taken last week. just look at the picture below next to rachel zoe herself to see the then and now picture of her. just add a few wrinkles on richie’s forehead to create a perfect spitting image. rachel is what, 37 year old? nichole is 25, if i were her i sure don’t want to look like someone who is much much older than me. i think nichole is much prettier without the hair extention and she needs to get rid of that honey blonde color that only makes her skin looks dull as well as the overdone tan.

oh by the way, rachel zoe is the one who creates the boho chic look that’s been so popular. her client includes lindsay lohan and mischa barton as well as salma hayek and kate hudson. but i believe the latest two are only for red carpet event because they look much more sophisticated than the zoe’s girls. interested to hire her for your stylist? rachel charges $6000 a day..:o)