Missha, the cheap chic beauty products

missha is one of the stores that was on my must visit list when i went to new york last june. the store had only been opened for a month at that time. i was actually planning to do some serious shopping there, hehe..well where else you can find over 500 products ranging from skin care, make up, body care, fragrance and hair care for under $4.99??. yes only at missha, of course. it’s a company from korea who has been in business for only 5 years but already have stores all over asia, australia, mexico and break in to the american market for such a short period of time. so they must be good, right?

but alas, somehow i totally forgot about that store when i was there..but the strange thing is i’m sure i must have passed that store in broadway soho without realizing it because i have a sample of its clear cleansing cream in my purse. silly me!

anyway, so i tried the clear cleansing cream without any expectation (although i heard a lot of good things about their products, especially coming from those who are asian). it only takes such a small dose for the cream to foam well and to clean the make up..the lather feels very smooth too, leaving my skin feeling soft. i love it i love it. their online store is opening soon so i’ll be ordering other stuff from them. hopefully the rest of the stuff are good too cause i know they are good for my wallet…;)