Jumping on The Bandwagon

i have finally bought me a pair of skinny jeans..i got it from express because they have the length that is perfect for my height that i don’t need to get it hemmed and plus i don’t wanna spend lots of money on something that i’m still not sure about, this one was originally $59.50 but it was on sale for $39.50 and took the size 4 (damn vacation weight) home. I chose the dark denim since i’m looking for the slimming effect..:p the denim sure was tight, it hugged your every curve but it’s very stretchy so half an hour later, it loosened up a lot to the point that it didn’t feel comfortable anymore. so since i had not taken the tags out (i just wore it around the house), i brought it back to the express store (in different mall) to get it exchange to size 2…and lucky me, this other store has reduced the price to $29.50 so since i only bought it a day before they decided to give me a price adjustment…heheh, my very first price adjustment. toko2 di sini memang begitu, kalo dalam beberapa hari barang yang kita beli udah di turunin lagi harganya, kita boleh minta price adjustment, so in my case, they gave me $10 back. i guess that’s the benefit of frequent visit to the mall, hehe..soalnya retail store di sini harga nya suka nggak sama walaupun sama sama GAP juga misalnya.

anyway…selain price adjustment, di sini kalo kita kenal sama sales associate nya, bisa minta simpenin barang barang yang kita incer, jadi kalo udah deket waktunya sale, kita tinggal dateng dan tunjuk aja barang2 yang kita mau. nanti di simpenin dan pas tanggal sale nya mulai, kita tinggal balik ke toko itu untuk bayar barang2nya dengan harga yang udah di sale, lumayaan kan??..neiman marcus does that, makanya kalo pas lagi neiman marcus last sale udah nggak ada barang apa apa itu karena udah di ‘tek’ in duluan sama orang orang laen..heheh..you just got to be smart to beat the hungry bargain hunger!!