10 things you shouldn’t buy new

Here are some ways to help you save more money for the clothes, the handbags, and the shoes..=). Taken from msnbc. Click here for the complete version.

1. Books, Books, Books
that’s why i love used bookstore, i bought mine at ebay and amazon too.

2. DVDs, CDs and videos
i don’t buy cds (i burn them..:p), don’t even have a video player, don’t buy dvd either, unless it’s for baby j or from a tv series but other than that i rent the dvd from mc donalds ($1 per day, what a deal!!)

3. Little kids’ toys
garage sale here i come!!! as long as the toys are washable dan bukan seperti boneka yang berbulu bulu.

4. Jewelry
just don’t buy used earrings, that’s a big no!!

5. Sports Equipment

6. Timeshares
Err, maybe i’ll worry about this kind of purchase in the future…

7. Cars
totally agree with this one. but my last one was totally justified..=)

8. Software and console games
i buy them at ambassador mall….heheh..

9. Office Furniture
not just office but home furniture too, i found lots of great deals at craigslist.com

10. Hand tools
i’ll let the guys worry about this..:-)