Where Do You Buy Your Jewelry?

I usually buy them at Forever 21, hehe or the Chinese trading stores..the jewelry there are cheap, usually priced around 2 or 3 bucks..but the thing is they don’t last. Well I didn’t expect them to last forever but I now think jewelry should last a long time. We don’t wear them everyday and when we do wear them it’s only for a few hours. They don’t have to go through the abuse process of washing and drying machines that clothes do anyway, so of course it’s only normal if one expects them to last beyond one or two seasons. Since the jewelry I used to buy broke easily, and I’m tired seeing my money goes straight to the trash can yet again. I’m searching for a good quality jewelry that comes at a decent price with a hope that it would hold up better. That’s why i bought a few last weekend, some from 1928, Nine West and Charles Klein, the retail price for them is around $15 and up but of course I got them on sale for $4.99 at Burlington..;)


I got this wide woven leather belt too from Banana Republic. It matches my Biasia bag, haha..but I won’t wear them together though..:p. I have always been attracted to belt even though i don’t really wear them, that’s weird. Most of my belts come from Banana Republic..they have the kind of belts I like. But I usually just wait till they go on sale to buy since the price can be really low, the most I paid is $10. that’s not bad considering the original price is around $40.