MJ Stam Wannabe..:p

I fell in love with this Marc Jacob Stam (named after Jessica Stam) bag ever since it came out last year, I know I’ve always wanted a quilted bag, but can’t afford a Chanel right now…and unfortunately can’t afford this one either..:p. But when I went to the mall last fall, I saw this MJ Stam look-alike bag at rampage for $45..it doesn’t have the brand name..and I thought to my self..why not?!, it’s leather, it’s the perfect size and perfect for the victorian look that i was trying to pull off for the winter (but of course I was unsuccessful..hehe) and it’s quilted, it’s pretty unique with its vintagey vibe. So the bag went home with me. But now a season later. I still haven’t used it at all, and now forever 21 even have this bag for 35 bucks..huhu. it still has the tag attached, I’m still debating if I should just keep it or just sell it on eBay or something, I do like the bag though..but it’s been sitting there for the last 6 months..I don’t know if I’ll ever use it?..Do you think the bag is a keeper or not?..is it too tacky or not? pleeasee enlighten me..=)). The bag is the one on the left, the rest is the real thing.