Good Ole Moccasins

Anyone a fan of Moccasins?? I don’t..:P. (Same goes to Mukluk Boots -left picture-) They were all over magazines and the stores last winter and surprisingly they still carry on to spring. Moccassins are the traditional Native Americans footwear and it was meant to be worn at cold and harsh climates to keep your feet warm. But of course the ones in the mall have been modified to keep your feet happy in the spring or even summer time. Here’s some of the pictures of moccasins that i dislike the least:

1. Dollhouse $37.99

2. GAP Jeweled Moc $39.50

3. Nine West Polished $59.99

4. Nine West Covert Mule with Moc like stitching $69

5. Manolo Blahnik Post Moccasin Mule $475 (I actually don’t like this one, i posted it just because it’s from Mr. Blahnik)