The Art of Eyebrow Taming at Benefit Brow Bar

When I was in high school, my mom always told me not to shape or pluck my eyebrows because when she did those things herself, her eyebrows didn’t grow back.  Scary, right?  I can understand why she didn’t like the idea seeing her daughter being bald at the brow, but even I could see that my eyebrows were out of control.  They needed a professional to show them who was boss.

I got my eyebrows shaped for the first time when I was at salon to get my makeup and hair done.  The person who did my makeup asked for permission to shape my eyebrows; I said yes. She did her thing, and the when I looked up at the mirror again, I noticed that my face looked more alive!

By shaping our eyebrows, we can our faces an entirely different look.  Eyebrows frame and anchor the face, and they play a big part in complementing our eyes so it is very important to keep maintaining the fine hairs up there.  I have quite thick brows and usually go to the salon at least once a month, but earlier this month, Benefit invited me to visit their Brow Bar where I can get my eyebrows waxed while seated.   Pretty interesting experience since I always lie down on a bed at my regular waxing salon.  Since Female Daily had two weeks off during Eid, I was able to go there this week, and I’m glad I did!

The first Benefit Brow Bar was established in San Fransisco, followed by more Brow Bars in Paris, Hong Kong, UK, NYC, Korea, Sydney, and more.  So far, Benefit has upwards of 1,200 Brow Bars in 40 countries, and I can see why people are loving it:  we can consult with an expert, get speedy and friendly service, and don’t even have to make an appointment. All we have to do is swing by, sit down for the session, and get back with your daily schedule fifteen minutes later.  Did I mention we can also get our makeup touched up with Benefit products? Who wouldn’t want that?


The name of the aestheticians who took care of my eyebrows was named Fitri, and she started by cleaned them before “mapping” them out.  The mapping process is quiet simple: she measured straight up from the dimples of my nostril toward the brow and marked a start point with a pencil. To know where to place the arch, she measure upward at an angle from outside the nostril up through the center of my eye and left another mark there.  The final mark indicated where the eyebrow would end; to do that, she measured at an upward angle from the outside of my nostril toward the outer corner of my eye.  She then connected those three points to map my ideal eyebrow shape.  It’s like a guideline for her so she knows where exactly to apply the wax, while trimming my eyebrows a little to really get them in order.

For those of you who never tried a brow wax, don’t worry about the pain! It doesn’t hurt that much.  I actually prefer waxing than threading because threading really hurts, and the discomfort that comes with waxing doesn’t even come close to the pain that come with threading.

And the end result?  I love it!  Eyebrow waxing doesn’t hurt despite my skin getting red around the eyebrow area (that always happens whenever I get hair removal).  The shape is exactly what I wanted and now my eyebrows look great.  Have you tried it, Ladies?  If you’re interested, check out Plaza Indonesia to get Brow Wax at Benefit Brow Bar at IDR 90,000 per visit.  I think I may want to get Brow Zing to fill the sparse areas in brow, and I will definitely be going back there in two or three weeks for upkeep :)

My bare eyebrows, three days after experiencing Benefit Brow Bar.