Tuesday Timepiece: Have You Seen The New Swatch Scuba Libre Collection?

Timing couldn’t be more perfect for Swatch to release these new Scuba Libre Collection. It’s summer time in most part of the world and a holiday season for us. And what other watch that would be more fun to carry during the holiday other than the fun-colored watch from Swatch? Holiday usually includes playing in the water and with this Swatch Scuba Libre, we don’t have to worry about water damage because it’s water resistance for up to 200 meters!

I guess that’s why Nadine Chandrawinata was chosen as the ambassador for Swatch Scuba Libre because she loves diving and the underwater world. She needs a pop up color watch so she can easily look at the time when she is playing with the fish down under. Swatch is also a low maintenance watch so it’s always a good choice, whether you’re going island hopping or sightseeing in the city.

During the opening of the media preview, Nadine was telling us about her love of Swatch watch and trying to recall her first Swatch. Ary Kirana and her looked happy recalling memory from the younger days.  I’m sure many of us here too have gone through certain stage of life with Swatch.

I’m drooling over the grey one in the middle!


I saw her again a week after at a badminton match in Senayan, still loyal to her Swatch Scuba Libre


Me and the striking orange Scuba Libre.


Now I just wish I could take the watch with me to a holiday somewhere.