Road to JFW: The Fashion Pioneering Program

Designer Dian Pelangi in consultation session with Toby Meadows from CFE. image from here


A road to Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2013, the biggest fashion events in Indonesia has begun. With the full support from Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the JFW council intends to bring the fashion sector forward, making it more internationally acknowledged. One of the steps was Fashion Development Program, which consisted of two main events. A Fashion Pioneering Program is a special two days workshop for selected Indonesian designers and Fashion Bootcamp, another workshop for fashion enterpreneurs to learn and share strategies in fashion business. Four leading experts from The Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) were invited for this purpose.

CFE is London’s pioneering strategic business development initiative that incubates, supports and develops leading emerging designer labels in the  designer fashion sectors. Mary Katrantzou and Prabal Gurung are among the established designers that have been working under CFE’s wing when they first established their business. The four experts are Wendy Malem, Angela Quaintrell, Toby Meadows and Sanjeev Davidson, whom are well known in working together with famous names in Fashion Industry such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Junya Watanabe.

Starting from May 29th, the Fashion Pioneering Program was an intensive 2 days workshop for 8 chosen Indonesian brands owners and designers, to have a strategic coaching from those 4 experts. These 8 designers were chosen by the JFW Council, from many nominees. They’re projected to take part in London Fashion Week 2013 , and bring Indonesian fashion into international stage. They have been groomed for quite sometime and will continue to have the assistance from the JFW team, also the brands will be promoted during Jakarta Fashion Week event, to prepare them to be more internationally ready.

These 8 designers are Jeffry TanBarli Asmara, Imelda Kartini (Bretzel), Dian Pelangi, Albert Yanuar, Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan, Carline Darjanto and Ria Sarwono (CottonInk), and Ari Seputra (Major Minor).

During the 2 days workshop, each of designers set up their own booth where they presented their concept, ideas and of course the newest collection, to be scrutinized by the coaches and then followed by an one on one explorative session with each coach.

(presentation booths from Bretzel and Major Minor)

Diaz Parzada from JFW Council, explained that this program is a real breakthrough from JFW, and fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to boost Indonesian fashion and be recognized worldwide. JFW wanted Indonesian designers to be ready for a trade show. “We want to their potential to be globally recognized, that’s why we give them provisions for dealing with foreign buyers, prepare presentations and booths, understand their characteristics, and then they can sell their products. Such programs were designed to target a specific purpose, [that is] to take the exact steps in making Indonesian fashion to be recognized. These designers are those with international vision, and we intend to take some serious efforts in accomplishing the goal. These four experts are here to sharpen their skills, and the industry itself, so they will be ready to compete, locally and internationally.”

The workshop itself, was such a priceless experience for the designers in getting a personal coaching from these experts. They shared and learned about strategic business planning and brand development, as well as operational issues such as range planning, production, legal, costings and finance. “It really was a thorough enrichment”, said Carline from CottonInk.

a concept board of CottonInk collection

Well, we do hope this program acted as a boost of inspirations and confidence for these young and talented designers. We can’t wait to see their names on the international fashion scene!