The Bandage Trend: Yay or Nay?

The Bandage Trend: Yay or Nay?

No, I am not talking about Band-Aid.

I am talking about one of the most unforgiving trends out there. Bandage fashion is one of the ‘it’ trends for the past few seasons, and it lingers to the present. Bandage clothing, may it be a dress, skirt or a top, is a body-contoured piece that is designed to be worn skin-tight. Herve Leger made it popular; celebrities with killer bodies and booties are frequently seen rocking it. However, I now am seeing bandage pieces not only made by premium designer labels, but also by high-street labels, and local Facebook clothes sellers. It is available to purchase for any budget.

In essence, I truly accept that any trendy piece may not be suitable for everyone. However, bandage fashion brings the phrase ‘not for everyone’ to a whole new different level. Though usually made with stretchy fabric, the nature of the bandage clothing piece is so unforgiving, I don’t see that many non-famous mortals with average bodies wearing it effortlessly.

If I could suggest any tips on wearing a bandage piece, there are two I could offer: 1) wear body-smoothing shapewear underneath, and 2) wear it with confidence. I consider both are equally important. It is very difficult to look good in a bandage dress if you don’t wear it with your utmost confidence. If you are considering to wear a bandage dress or skirt, you may want to start with darker colors in order to camouflage some of the curves. Prints may also do that for you, but you need to be careful that the prints are placed strategically to move away the eyes from the undesirable curves.

Would you say Yay or Nay? Have you rocked one yourself?