Moisturizers That Our Editors Are Currently Using

Now that you’ve read our article on the ‘Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Moisturizer‘ , now let’s see what moisturizers our editors are currently using. Our editors have different skin condition, so that it will give you an idea what moisturizer would probably be most suitable for your skin type.

Affi: Pond’s Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream and Overnight Repair Dream (Oily with early signs of aging)

I wrote a comprehensive review on these 2 products June last year, yet I still use them regularly. Yes, I tried other moisturizers in between, but I always come back to Pond’s Age Miracle. What can I say? My skin loves the hydration it gets from the rich texture and the Retinol and AHA contained in them are what keeps my skin looking healthy and radiant. Even if you think your skin is oily, I still recommend these 2 products if you are over 30 and have started to see some signs of aging. Don’t deny it, ladies. Let’s embrace the goodness of anti-aging skincare products because they may very well be our best (and cheapest!) choice in maintaining a youthful-looking skin.

Nisa: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (Dry skin)

Am already in late 20s, and my skin keeps getting dryer. I did try a few brands, and Clinique Moisture Surge seems to work best to hydrate my skin. Just as simple as it claims. I love the distinctively light formula, how it ‘embraces’ the skin the second it is applied. Aside from its performance, I’m still searching for a product that moisturizes my skin as well as Clinique Moisture Surge does, and functions as a skin brightening also.

Nopai: SKII Skin Signature (Normal combination skin, with oily t-zone and slightly dehydrated skin)

This moisturizer hydrates my skin without making it oily. My skin is smooth and supple and feels healthier because I don’t have any more rough patches. You can use this product both for day and night and I especially love that it make my foundation and powder stay on better and longer.

Rizka: Pond’s Gold Radiance Day Cream & Night Cream (Normal to dry, early 20s skin)

I like using moisturizer from Pond’s Gold Radiance range, both its day cream and night cream. I find the product suits me well and it gives the result as it claims, making my face smooth and radiant. Somehow it also makes my black undereye area seems lighter. Although it’s targeted for women who face aging problem, it’s better to start fighting aging process earlier, isn’t it?

Amalia: Menard Tsukika Cream (Very dry skin with uneven and shallow complexion at times)

One of the core things that I look in a moisturizer is that it needs to be able to give my skin all day hydration. Despite its tag as entry level skincare, Menard Tsukika cream does just that. On top of that, it’s also a face cream that is suitable for every skin type so unlike any other moisturizer I own, it doesn’t feel rich nor heavy. Surprisingly, when using this cream I don’t need to replenish my moisturizer mid-day which I often do with moisturizer that isn’t very creamy. It lasts me a year and even many more months because each time I need to only use a mung bean size of cream. I’ve written a complete review on the Tsukika line here. Apart from this, I also keep a tub of Clinique Moisture Surge for days when my skin feels really dry. I layer it on top of my moisturizer to give me extra hydration.

Lena: Burt’s Bees Repair Serum and Naturally Ageless Smoothing Eye Cream (Spend lots of time in different environment, either in house or outdoor)

Hmm this is tricky, because I don’t really use one brand of moisturizer at any given time. Right now I have, like, 3 day moisturizers on rotation (and like 3 more for night). That’s because my daily activity varies in really extreme ways. Sometimes I can stay at home for days at a time, just broken by the random short trip to TIKI. Sometimes I have to commute Bogor – Depok – Jakarta for a few days in a row, via public transport (including atop an ojek and train). Sometimes I stay in the field for days, panas-debu-terik, you name it. And sometimes (though not as much as I’d like), I’m immersed 3-5 hours a day in seawater. So I need a different face cream in each case. One thing I always have on rotation though, is something from Burt’s Bees – one or two of their day lotions, night cremes or serums. Mostly because all of them provide hydration, are generally nicely-scented, and are relaxing and familiar. I also like that they contains stuff that I know about — that I can look up on the internet and see an image of (instead of a chemical long chain or atomic structure :D). If I can’t live amongst the roses and the lavenders and the pomegranates, then at least my skin can. Right now I have the Repair Serum and the Naturally Ageless Smoothing Eye Cream on rotation used as moisturizer.