Save the Date: Market Plaza Day!

Remember all the buzz surrounding Market Plaza Day? Those that came mourned for the loss of their money and those that didn’t get the chance mourn for the loss of some pretty sweet deals that people could find at the Market Plaza Day. Fret not, cause the next Market Plaza Day is coming soon! So save the date:

  • What: Market Plaza Day
  • When: 25 – 26 February 2012
  • Where: FX F1 and F3

Expect to find a lot of good stuff related to fashion, beauty and kids items ladies. So save your money! Don’t get distracted by all the sale sign out there because Market Plaza Day is coming!

Other than that we’re also going to hold Women Wired Weekend that you can find more info on here.

For sellers who wish to participate at the Market Plaza Day, you can register for a booth here. Got questions? Ask away on this forum thread.

See you soon, ladies!