Hermes Temptation, The Story of Hermes Bags Reseller

Besides being extremely expensive, Hermes bags are also difficult to get, that’s why some people rely on resellers to get the bag of their dream. What makes Hermes bags so expensive?

Indonesian socialites even set Hermes bags as the “dresscode” when they hold gatherings and parties and they treat their Hermes bags so carefully as if they care a baby. Why do Hermes bags become so important and popular for them?

More and more counterfeit Hermes bags circulate the market today, so how can we authenticate Hermes bags? You’ll have all those answers written in the newly-launched book, Hermes Temptation.

Inspired by actual experiences of the two authors Fitria Yusuf and Alexandra Dewi, the 400 pages book tells about a business of buying and selling bags that they manage through Blackberry messenger group. Started from a casual conversation about the tempting new Birkin bag, they then came up with an idea of becoming high end bags reseller, especially Hermes bags. Supported by all virtual and mobile access that allow anyone selling products ranging from beauty products, apparel, to product services such as make-up artists nowadays, the two best friends then formed a Blackberry messenger group consisting 30 members inside. They named it “Hermes Temptation”.

In the group, which later expanded into seven groups with more than 210 members, Fitria and Dewi offered each bag to all fashionistas and socialites. The bags were selling like hot cakes even though they came with fantastic price. The adventure began. Dewi and Fitria connected owners of the bags to their prospective buyers. They experienced excitement yet sorrows along their journey of being brokers as they shared in the book.

Dewi and Fitria were responsible to explain in detail on the specifications of a bag to prospective buyers, ensuring the authenticity, setting up and planning delivery so that the bags were accepted by the buyers on time. Not infrequently, they experienced bitter events that drained their emotions and energy, in order to give the best service to all customers. Fitria even experienced a fraud, when a bag that she wanted to sell was stolen by a customer. Similarly, Dewi had to be patient in answering each question from every potential buyer, wherever, whenever, even in the middle of the night.

However, they also had sweet stories to share; many customers became more loyal while they were maintaining the service and quality. Both of them learned to be more patient, they learned to stay calmer in facing crisis, more careful and stayed persistent in any conditions. Not only that, Dewi and Fitria gained more understanding in deciding priorities of life; such the meaning behind friendship and family.

Although the financial profits from this “brokering” business was not really significant, both of them still gained priceless experience, as said by Fitria, who is also the founder of online store and, as well as commissioner of PT Mitra Rajasa, a company which provides heavy equipment for the mining industry. For Dewi, who also served as managing director of a healthy foods company and co-owner of Italian restaurant, Pesto Autentico, the experience of being a reseller has taught herself to be more open-minded, maintain integrity, and not to judge a person by looking at what bags they are carrying.


Alexandra Dewi (left) and Fitria Yusuf, the authors of Hermes Temptation