Tried & Tested: Tsukika Makeup Line

Tried & Tested: Tsukika Makeup Line

I was quite happy when I heard the news that Menard will bring the Tsukika Makeup to Indonesia, since I was really happy with the result of the Tsukika Skincare. Like the skincare line, Tsukika Makeup contains the night-blooming Selenicereus Flowers Extract, a flower that only blooms at midnight for a very short time. It said to improvize the energy of our cells and normalizes our skin’s metabolism which resulted in giving our skin a healthier look and prevents the appearance of skin problems. Another ingredient included in this makeup line is Hyaluronic Acid, which seems to be a star ingredient in many skincare range recently. Since I have a dry skin, I’m happy with any product containing Hyaluronic Acid and I heard from many people who have oily skin, this ingredient doesn’t seemed to aggravate their sebum problem as well but giving a healthy hydration to the skin.

Tsukika Makeup complete range includes makeup base, liquid foundation, powder foundation, loose powder, lipstick and lip gloss. For the time being however, they don’t have the liquid foundation and loose powder yet but hopefully they will come soon. The instant I knew that the makeup is already available, I gave Menard counter at Seibu a visit so I can dip my hands on these new goodies. Here’s my review on the products that I get:

1. Tsukika Make Up Base Moist (Rp 330,000)

The entire makeup base from Tsukika Makeup line contains fine repair powder and bright pearl powder. I choose the Moist base because I have very dry skin, but there’s also the Fresh type for normal to oily skin. The makeup base has a tinge of tint that is pinkish beige. It turns colourless to the touch tough so no worry there that it will affect the tone of your face when you’re wearing your foundation. It does however make your face appear brighter (not lighter) when you see it under the light. You will also see some shimmer that will help to scatter light and give you that healthy complexion. It’s a lotion type base, so don’t expect a silicony finish when you use this base. This base is perfect to create that dewy and healthy look, as well as those that have dull and shallow complexion and want to make their face appear more glowing.

This makeup base also contains SPF 10 PA+ which is perfect if I only want to stay indoor the whole day. You know, one of those days where you spend your day inside the office for meetings or inside the mall.

2. Tsukika Powder Foundation (Rp 418,000 and Rp 352,000 for refill only)

The powder foundation comes in a sleek white casing and it comes with a sponge. You can get a refill when you’re finished with yours. Although application with sponge is usually preferred for powder application method since it’s simpler, but I actually prefer applying it with large brush such as long handle kabuki or flat brush, normal powder brush or just any flat brush. For a more natural finish I opt for fluffier brush or long handle kabuki and normal kabuki brush. However for a more opaque and full coverage finish, I prefer to use the flat top brush.

With fine repair powder that scatters light it will be able to make pores visibly smaller, because the powder will deflect the light that goes into the pores so no reflection is produced from within the pores to make it visible. The bright pearl powder gives a nice glow to the face. It also has SPF 20 PA ++. This, combined with the protection from the makeup base, would be just enough combination to protect me from the sun.

I don’t normally like powder foundation because usually it looks too dead matte that it makes my very dry skin looks so cakey and unhealthy. But I like this particular powder foundation because it gives a nice matte finish but because it contains bright pearl powder it gives a nice glow to my skin. The good thing about the shimmer in this powder that it’s very fine and not chunky at all so it’s appropriate to be used during the day. Also using the brush gives that flawless glow that usually only a liquid foundation would be able to give.

With that said, I can’t wait to get my hands on the liquid foundation! This powder foundation definitely deserve a Holy Grail status.

3. Tsukika One Touch Lipstick (Rp 363,000)

I love the packaging of this lipstick because there’s a side button that you can slide up to push the lipstick out. The one touch lipstick feature is something that Menard do for all of their lipsticks. You don’t need to worry about the cap of your lipstick when you do your touch up and the casing is very slim.

As for the product itself, it contains juicy rich oil that will make your lips stay moist and supple for the whole day. I’m very choosy when it comes to lipstick, this particular one is very moisturizing and doesn’t feel drying at all for the whole day. It also leaves a nice glossy finish, even after the colour fade a little bit it fade to a glossy colour.

The lipstick comes in two types; one is the crisp and bright color type whereas the other one has a sheer finish that gives a clear and glossy look to the lips. The colour that I choose is number 53, which is like maroon brown colour and it covers up my lips in a swipe. The colour can last up to 4 hours opaque and even hours after that it still has that nice light maroon glossy finish.

4. Tsukika Liquid Lip (Rp 374,000)

Basically it has the same ingredient like the lipstick so it feels moist and supple on the lips. Even though the consistency looks very thick on the wand but when I apply it, it doesn’t feel sticky at all and it feels light on my lips.

The colour that I choose is 16G which is a deep tone rose with golden shimmer. I love that the colour is thick enough to cover my lips but not too thick that you will mistake it for liquid lipstick.

Like the lipstick it comes in both bright colours and sheer consistency.

This is the swatches for the lipstick, lip gloss and makeup base.

So that’s the story of my latest Japanese makeup craze, what do you think you will get?

If you want to get the makeup from Tsukika makeup line, you should get it now! Why? Because they’re having a promotion, with the purchase of any product from the line you will get a free Tsukika Skincare Mini Sample Kit consisting of 6 items (full product range from the line). If you buy any three from the makeup line, you can get Tsukika Skincare Mini Sample Kit as well as free facial from Menard. You can read my review about their facial here.

For more information about the promo that runs from 18 June until 18 July, you can read it here.