Kiss Dull Skin Goodbye with Hadalabo Foaming Wash

It seemed that when I showed you all my skincare arsenal one question that I keep getting from the reader are mostly about Hadalabo AHA/BHA Foaming Wash.

If you read Affi’s article about exfoliation, it’s said that to get a maximum benefit of exfoliation you will need the help of chemical exfoliator such as AHA (Aplha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Salyclic Acid). If you haven’t read the article, you better click the link first before you move on with the rest of the article. The AHA and BHA will help removing old dead skin cells from our skin’s surface so that it will not cause dead skin cells to build up which lead to dull looking skin, flaky, acne prone, blackheads and white bumps also uneven skin tone.

Hadalabo AHA/BHA Foaming Wash help to gently exfoliate our skin through the help of AHA and BHA so that our skin can look fresher every single day. It promises to remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped within our pores. I like that the foam is light and soft and it able to remove dirt that can be seen on plain sight. However, after I washed my face I immediately see that my face looks brighter because the dead skin are gone and I can kiss dull looking skin goodbye. My complexion also looks clearer and smoother, and I hope this isn’t because my eyes are playing trick on me but I actually think that my face looks whiter :) Well my guess is because the dead skin cells which cause our face to look dull and cause uneven skin tone are gone and therefore my tone is somewhat whiter. In reality though, I still use the same foundation shade, so my face actually looks more healthy therefore giving the impression that it looks whiter.

It’s free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant and proven to be low irritant.

Next question – where to buy it? Female Daily Market Plaza of course! There are plenty of sellers out there in Market Plaza who are opening a purchase order for Hadalabo, Moporie and Beautinese to name a few. The price is around Rp 180,000 and my guess this should last me around two or three months top.