Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat, Boys!

Because according to Axe Research Lab, 9 out of 10 Indonesian girls think it’s okay to be around with the guys who sweat. Sweat even reflects that he is an active person. Some even think that sweaty guys are healthy and sexy! It’s also natural that men sweat more than women.

Yes, sweaty guys ain’t a problem for us but unpleasant body odor is! Sweaty guys don’t lose their charm unless they have unpleasant body odor. However, it isn’t the sweat which creates unpleasant body odor. In fact, it is bacteria that causes the problem. This bacteria often sticks to the sweat and it can’t be killed with perfume.

Do note that the only solution to unpleasant body odor is deodorant and Axe Deodorant Bodyspray is one of the most effective deodorants for our beloved guys. “Anti-bacteria ingredients contained in all products of Axe Deodorant Bodyspray can kill the bacteria in skin surface that causes unpleasant body odor. To boost men’s confidence, sensual fine fragrance of Axe will give long-lasting freshness even though they are sweating,” explained Vivi Tri Andari, from Care Research & Development of Home and Personal Care technical management PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk.

“By spraying Axe Deodorant Bodyspray after taking a bath, I always feel fresh although I sweat a lot during my activities,” one testimonial came from Bena Kribo, a young blogger.

All variants of Axe Deodorant Bodyspray (Axe Dark Temptation, Axe Twist, Axe Score, Axe Pulse and Axe Vice) have been formulated to let men smell like women want them to ;)

So which scent that suits your man’s character best?