A Healthy Skin Courtesy of Tsukika from Menard

I’ve told you previously on this article here, that I’m currently trying a new skincare line from Menard called Tsukika. Menard is a well known beauty manufacturer in Japan which caters to middle to upper market. Their customer profile starts from 12 years old where they can start using the cleansing and washing products from Tsukika line. Their motto is “Seeking True Beauty” focusing on prevention on skin problems before it even appears and emphasize women’s best feature through a good healthy skin condition. Probably most of you have already heard the brand Menard from you mom or grandmother. I have always associated this product with the older generation” Ibu” that have all the time in the world to pamper their skin. Of course I also associated it with luxury product with hefty price tag that is difficult to find.

Later I found out that Menard have different line of skincare products with varied price points. The cheapest one which I’m currently trying is Tsukika. Of course they have different product line namely LS, Saranari and Embellir to name a few. They cater to different people with different needs and they also have different price tag. I went home with six different products at hand, which I was really unsure whether I needed the whole lot at first. I really thought this must be a marketing strategy to get me to buy every single thing but after I used them and do the research I understand that every single product have its own purpose. What I also found out is that apparently Menard product is available more easily now at Seibu Grand Indonesia, Sogo Mall Kelapa Gading, Sogo Emporium Pluit, Sogo Mall Central Park, De Salon Plaza Indonesia and a their showroom at Mall Pondok Indah.

Tsukika is catered for those who just begun to use skincare product or who wants to try Menard and don’t really know what they want, in short a starter! As I said the price tag is affordable but this doesn’t mean that they trade on their quality. Even though this is a basic care but they never get rid their motto that is to lead the skin to a healthy condition so that you can avoid from the appearance of skin problems such as dull skin, hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles and dehydration. As a matter of fact, Tsukika contains one of Menard’s original ingredients which has been patented which is Selenicereus flower extract or in Indonesia known as Bunga Wijaya Kusuma which only blooms during midnight. It contains faint fragrance of selenicereus flower which I think gives a soothing feeling because sometimes skin care ingredients original scent can be such a turn off

Each bottle came with a number on which one to use first and there’s a picture on the packaging box on how much you need for each for product for you to use. Apparently each product has been calculated carefully on the correct measurement to enable it to work effectively for your face. Using less might cause not enough product in cleansing your face (i.e. in the case of cleanser or facial foam) or too much moisturizer will make your face oily. Which I’ll explain more below. There’s also special technique involved in using each of the product, which was explained step by step by my beauty advisor when I get my products. Skincare is not just a matter of product, but it’s also a matter of application.

Anyway here are some more in-depth review on each product so you can understand more about them:

Step 1: Tsukika Cleansing Cream

Creamy formula cleanser which turns into oil afterward. Cleanse even waterproof makeup.

When: I only use this cream during the night where I came back from a full day of activity and I use makeup/sunblock.

Price: Rp 275,000

How much: one knuckle part of my thumb, that’s the easiest way to remember it. They teach the measurement for each product with the easiest method possible.

Whether you’re using thick or thin makeup, this is the measurement you will need to cleanse a whole face. Remember it’s about the area it cleanse (your face) not about the thickness of the makeup you will cleanse. For as long as I used this cleanser, it works for both sheer or opaque makeup application. It works for even the most stubborn mascara and most opaque foundation! That’s how I knew that the cleanser work.

How: I divided the product evenly on five spots: my forehead, right and left cheek, chin and nose. After I put them on the five spots, I spread the product all over my face. To do the cleansing job, I start to glide my fingers (all five of them just rest it in your face) on circular motion. Let it slide, don’t put any pressure at all on your face. The more pressure you put, the harder it is for the product to glide with ease on your face. Let your hand surf and glide on your face. Do the circular motion all over your face and eyes\ area until the cream texture turns oily. You will see by then that the makeup have melted with the oil. Cleanse your face with water afterward.

Skip cleansing when your face is already clean, for instance when you wake up in the morning and go right into step 2.

Step 2: Washing Cream

When: Every morning and night.

Price: Rp 275,000

How much: One knuckle of your pinky fingers.

How: The BA gave me this foaming net (as seen below) which I will use  to make a foam as big as a tennis ball (I kid you not!). It takes me around 2 minutes to make the winning tennis ball by rubbing the washing cream that I put into the center part of my palm with the net that have been put under running water beforehand to make it wet and adding one or two drop of water into the net every now and then. The foam need to be bouncy. Don’t worry when you go to the Menard counter, the BA will explain the process to you and we’re planning to make a video on this.

I split the foam into two part to my left and right palm and put it evenly into my face. Afterward I will move the foam into circular motion and if you have the correct amount of foam your hand will not need to touch your face. It’s the foam that does the cleansing motion. Keep on doing the circular motion with your foam until you cover all areas in your face. Cleanse with water afterward.

The reasoning behind this is that your face pore is shaped like concave every concave pore will need one bubble in able to lift up the dirt inside it. It’s impossible for one bubble when they already sit inside the pore to jump into the next one. So it will need a tennis ball big of foam to fill in the entire pore within your face so it will lift every dirt within each pore.

One more thing I learned from the BA at the counter is that washing cream ideally shouldn’t leave your face dry, because each product in Menard should already work on its own. When you feel dry using the washing cream that means the washing cream isn’t suitable for you.

Step 3: Massage Cream

I’ve explained the benefit of massage here, basically it helps your skin to maintain it’s elasticity, suppleness and producing enough moisture for the skin. I wasn’t sold at first, but after several months using the massage cream I realized a huge change when I wake up in the morning when I don’t use it the night before and when I do. It makes a great difference to my skin glow and texture.

When: Night

Price: Rp 330,000

How much: One knuckle of the thumb.

How: Like cleansing cream I would put it on five spots and spread it all over my face. There’s an instruction inside the package on how to do the massage. Basically you will only need to do 1 minute massage to receive a full benefit of a healthy skin. Afterward, cleanse your face with water.

Step 4: Lotion

Lotion is important because it will help your skin fresh and softer. It doesn’t act as exfoliator or cleanser. By this stage your skin should be squeaky clean already.

When: Day and night.

Price: Rp 330,000

How much: Use cotton pad, the amount of lotion needed will need to be as big as an old Rp 100 coin (the heavy silver one) and it should be transparent on both side or see through.

How: It can be used all over the face including eyes area and it does not contain alcohol. Don’t drag the cotton pad, pat it on one area first until  you feel that your skin feels fresh and cold then move on to the next area until you cover all face area. This will regulate your skin condition to normal condition (be it dry or oily) and prepare your skin for moisturizer.

Step 5: Emulsion

Emulsion is actually the moisturizer that will act as a retainer to your skin moisture condition. The formula is very milky and it feels really silky on the skin as well as easy to absorb.

When: Day and night.

Price: Rp 330,000

How much: pea size.

How: Divide the emulsion into five spots as usual and spread evenly to allover your face. A pea size is enough for the whole face. If you put too much moisturizer on your face it will only make your face oilier. Spread the emulsion until you feel that your face is dry and not wet from the emulsion. Because leaving the emulsion not completely sinking into your skin will make your face oilier as it only stay on the surface on your skin. This moisturizer should be enough until night time. For both oily and dry skin, both use the same emulsion because the lotion has done pre-emptive move by regulating your skin to normal level.

Step 6: Day/Night Cream

When: Night.

Price: Rp 440,000

How much: soya bean size.

How: Same as above, divide it into five spots and spread it evenly until it dries out. If you read here i’ve explained that even though emulsion is the moisturizer but you will still need day/night cream on top of it. I gave the foundation analogy, where the emulsion will act as the oil in the foundation or else without the oil, the water in the foundation will evaporate. While the emulsion retains the moisture in the skin, the day/night cream gives the extra nourishment and moisture that the emulsion will retain. It feels really creamy but as you will only need a little it doesn’t feel oily at all or too rich.

Overall review

I don’t have major skin problem other than the normal very dry skin condition. But I started using this skincare regimen after going back from out of town holiday where the humidity level is very different. Usually my skin will start going patchy, cracking and really dry. I did not feel anything in specific at first, only that I feel my skin is really healthy. I did notice that my skin looks really glowy and healthy, I started to let go thick foundation and able to go out of the house with mere tinted moisturizer! I feel that my skin is that good.

Then my mother and friends started to praise on how my skin improve which came as a surprise. They said it just has this healthy glow that makes it looks fresher.

I noticed big difference when I tried not using the skincare regimen for 2 days, suddenly I lost the glow! Even when I have to face sleepless nights and busy schedule during JFW, my skin still looked fresh and it did not looks dull at all (although I can’t cheat on the dark circles!).

My verdict: I’m loving it and I will definitely repurchase. Will try to get my hands on the better line though sometime in the future.

Below are the contacts of Menard counters should you want to pay them a visit:


  • Pantai indah kapuk   : (021) 3001 0354
  • Mall pondok indah    : (021) 7591 6133
  • Seibu, Grand Indonesia  : (021) 3623 3044
  • Sogo, Mall kelapa gading  : (021) 4479 6799
  • Sogo, Mall emporium pluit : (021) 3300 4133
  • Sogo, Mall central park   : (021) 2717 2111
  • De salon, Plaza Indonesia  : (021) 3983 1151