Relaxing Time at Menard Facial Lounge

I have never been one that is a big fan of facial. My only experience of going for facial was when I’m in high school which sent me out of the therapy room half way through my session because I was horrified by the therapist, who was so eager pressing the white heads out of my nose. Blessed the Japanese for inventing the pore pack so I don’t have to go for facial every time I want to get those white heads out. So when Vanya offered me a facial at Menard I wasn’t very eager, but the information said that it’s supposed to be free from any pain and the session is promised to be relaxing. So I book for a session last Sunday, for some 2 hours me-time at Menard counter in Seibu, Grand Indonesia.

Basically, there are three types of facial, you got the same service, the only difference is the product line they were using. They are:

  • Tsukika Skincare Line Rp 220,000 – This skincare provides moisture to create dewy and translucent skin. It is suitable for all skin types with no specific concern.
  • Saranari Skincare Line Rp 350,000 - If you’re looking for skincare to rejuvenate your skin condition, because it’s condition is worsen by age, UV rays and other environmental condition, then this is probably the right one for you.
  • Embellir Skincare line Rp 500,000 – For those whose skin started showing the sign of aging. This skincare will help extends the lifespan of your skin cells. It delivers the best result for achieving skin tranlucency, combating wrinkle, moisturizing, high in anti oxidant and cleanses every cell.

I chosed to use the Tsukika skincare line, which is the most basic skincare line that they have.

Once you arrive at their counter, Menard Beauty Advisor will take you to their facial room at the back of their counter. The BA told me that she was trained by a trainer from Japan and even the entire towels came from there. So I quizzed her a little when she begun cleansing my face as to why she massaged my face on an upward motion, and when her fingers were motioning downward she was doing it ever so slowly. According to her, we shouldn’t massage our face on downward motion as it will most likely make our skin loose it’s elasticity faster. Which is very correct! She was very careful when doing the facial, so I was very pleased, since I’m not very eager on the possibilities of people touching my face. So by this time, I’m already convinced that she knows what she’s doing and I even gave in to whatever offer she gave me. Like for instance, trying on one of their best product called the Herb Mask.

The facial itself was divided into the below step:

  1. Cleansing: The BA will cleanse your face with a product called Exceed Shalmin, where it will lift all of your makeup before you start the facial. The BA also cleanse her hands with this product, because before touching the customer’s face they have to make sure that their hands are clean.
  2. Massage: This is where the BA will start to turn on the little steamer machine. She said, this will help opening up the pores so all the products that she will use during the facial will certainly sink in more effectively. She started to turn on the slow music and do a very relaxing massage on my face, neck and shoulder. This is also about the time, where I almost loose my consciousness :p The BA wipe off the massage cream using hot towel, and boy that felt really good! The massage helps your face to relax and improve the blood circulation.
  3. Extra care: The BA told me that they’re against poking around on the nose area for getting white heads out of there. So I ask them on what they do for this situation? After cleansing the massage cream, she showed me a vacuuming tool that they used for getting white heads out. I also tried their Herb Mask, which said to cleanse, moisture and brighten your skin instantly (I got a tub already, I want to know whether it really going to work or not :) ).
  4. Lotion: In Menard, they don’t really have a toner. They called it lotion instead, like most Japanese skincare.
  5. Mask: Next is a moisturizer mask where they will pump your moisturizer into a mask sheet and leave it on your face for 10 minutes. This time I really did fall asleep :p
  6. Cooling: After taking off the mask, the BA put a cold towel on my face to freshen up my skin. I feel like I’m ready to face anything on Monday by that time. Afterward they will pat your face again with a lotion.
  7. Finishing Care: This is where you can try their skin care product! The BA will start with putting on emulsion (or moisturizer) and afterward followed by day cream. If necessary they will add a serum to the step. The choosing of day cream and serum is selected based on the customer’s skin condition.

The vacuuming act to remove white heads! Hello clean pores :)

Overall, I really enjoy the facial. It was really relaxing and when I got home my face did really look brighter. The next day I only use Tinted Moisturizer and Face Powder to see the improvement on my face and it really look more glowing. I’m going to try the Herb Mask every other day or 3 times a week. I think, it’s a really great way to try on the skin care line you want to try from Menard. They really have great skin care line, but investing in the whole set will take a lot of faith. This way, you got to try it first and feel it on your skin. After I’m finished with the facial, I only put a powder on top of my face so I can see how my skin improve afterward.

If you’re keen in trying the facial from Menard, they’re currently offering three vouchers for free facial for Female Daily Members. You can also get the voucher for free facial by purchasing their product with the minimum purchase of Rp 175,000 in single receipt until 30 July 2010. To know more about this deal and promotion read it here.