Take 2: Best Indonesian Beauty Products 2010

Well hello again, lovely readers! If on the first installment we discussed best products geared for the face, this time I’m going to summarize the best hair and body care products from our poll.

First up is shampoo, and Natur is picked favorite, followed by Mustika Ratu and Sariayu.  In terms of type, there is so much variety mentioned, and indeed, these brands do put out many kinds of products, almost all based on herbal ingredients whose efficacy are time-tested.

In the hair conditioner or mask category, Mustika Ratu ranks first, but only by one vote with Natur coming second and Rudy Hadisuwarno third. Some favorites include Mustika Ratu’s Bilasan Santan, and Natur’s Ginseng and Olive conditioners.

From the hair, let’s get to the body. Respondents love Citra (especially  the Lasting Purity green tea variant), Mustika Ratu’s Sabun Mangir and Dewi Sri Spa body soaps or shower gel. I have to heartily agree with respondents about Citra green tea: it’s a fresh and affordable alternative that makes showers an invigorating experience!

If you need more than soap to get the grit off, then you might think of getting a stash of Lulur Sekar Jagat, especially the green tea or coffee ones, Citra Bengkoang, or some Vivelle body scrub. These are the favorites, but there are many others being mentioned in this category, including Bali Alus, Dewi Sri Spa, Mustika Ratu, Pradasari, Purbasari, Sumber Ayu, Taman Sari Royal Heritage, To-Ye, Wardah, and a few others. Clearly Indonesian women love to scrub and exfoliate our bodies (me too!), as only a few respondents don’t yet have a favorite.

The last category: body lotion. Citra again takes top honors with its Green Tea or White lotions, followed by Vivelle VCO and Olive Oil body lotion #9 (the one for very dry skin), and Viva Skin Food. Solid and affordable products.

A Word on Lack of Favorites

There you go, all sixteen category from our poll, phew. One last note though;   there is an overwhelming number of respondents who don’t yet have a favorite item made by a local brand, not only in terms of mascara as I indicated previously, but also in the eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and face moisturizer categories (ranging from 40-60 people from 121 for each of these categories).

This could mean either people couldn’t find a product that they like, or  people don’t know that a product is great. I think it’s probably a combination of both, and in terms of information, it’s really very clear that local brands don’t put out enough about their products.  For example, while writing this article, I could not find pictures or much information (ingredients, price, availability, etc) about many of these products. Clearly this is an opportunity for innovation, product developmen and better marketing strategiest. Come on, brands, you can do it!


Finally, the moment everyone’s been waiting for, the poll prize winners! Congratulations danggrai, velvetouch and Stiletto51 for each winning a package of Indonesian beauty products worth Rp250,000 from Fashionese Daily! We’ll send the winners an email on how to claim your prize.

So, see you on the next Best of Indonesian Beauty poll!

Picture credits: Natur’s website and FD-er rere