Storage Ideas for Your Jewelry


Sometimes you should look beyond what are available in stores to find storage solution for jewelry. I used to be obsessed about having the earring hangers that I saw on a magazine, or the bracelet display that you usually see in the store.

When you start opening your eyes to possibilities beyond the usual, you can start getting ideas on unconventional ways for your storage solution. Think about using cups for displaying your chandelier earrings, or the small souvenir glasses to put your pins, rings and small brooches. The cushions that you sometimes get from watch box, or even a small sized pillow can be used to display your brooches, just by pinning them to the cushion. Box with separators, usually sold from the local hardware stores, can be used to store your small accessories.

In this first picture, I used a candleholder to place my rings and bracelets. You can even try to use toilet paper holder for bracelets storage. I often use cloth hangers for my necklaces. If you want to know how FDers do theirs, you can go to Accessories Display and Storage thread.

Share with us your outside-of-the-box ideas for jewelry storage and display!

Right: Nail storage box from Ace Hardware, Left: random cup and empty chocolate tin


Our moderator and beauty editor dunia_dundan displays her necklaces by sticking hook mounting
on the back of her wardrobe door