When you Love your Bag Enough

folding1Women  have high pride and therefore love for their bag among other things in this life. It is sometime heartbreaking when at the restaurant or in the office if you don’t have spare chair or corner to put your precious handbag you ended up shoving it on the floor or just put it on your lap.

Nowadays they have this invention which is not so new but very useful called the bag hanger. They came small in size without losing the esthetic factor. Our FD Forum Member Lucy has been selling this handbag hanger at our Market Plaza and Treasure Box Website.  What I particularly like about the bag hanger is that it’s foldable and it came in different pretty colors. Especially for FDers she’s giving us a special price of Rp 85,000 (U.P. Rp 95,000). If you feel the need to match your bag hanger and bag colors you can purchase 6 bag hangers for the price of 5!


How does it work? Just follow the instruction on the picture above on how to unfold the bag hanger and hook your bag hanger by placing the disk on the edge of any table and hang your bag on the hook. Never again will you experience the heartbreak from putting your handbag on the floor. Most importantly, you need not to worry of the possibility of some stranger snatching your bag right under your nose because you have it right next to you on the table.

Choices of colors for Treasure Box Bag Hanger