Get Shorty!

Over the years, I’ve tried many hairstyles. Long, medium, short, very short, permed (yeah I know!), curled, colored (blue black, black, brown, light brown, magenta and the controversial bright pink!). In my opinion, changing hairstyles is the quickest, and relatively cheap, way to update your look. I usually feel a lot better emotionally too after a good haircut, dunno why. But whenever I feel a bit depressed, into the hair salon I go.

Lately I find that I lean towards short hairstyles more and more. Maybe because of practicality reason, since becoming a mother I simply don’t have time to blow dry or straighten my hair after every wash. But I think the most important reason is because short hairstyle feels like me. And I’m a lot more comfortable with it than with long hair.

Recently I got a haircut which I decided I don’t like. It wasn’t short or long, sort of medium-ish layer with short bangs. And I don’t like it that way, I want it either long or short. No in betweens. So I’m planning to go back to the salon to chop my hair off some more and before I do that, I wanna make sure I’ll be able to communicate clearly to the hairstylist about what kind of haircut I want.And to be able to do that, I need pictures.

I browsed around this website and here are some styles I like :





How about you girls? Dare to get shorty?

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