For Puffy Eyes – Clinique All About Eyes

clq_61ep01_250Clinique All About Eyes is one of the most basic eye cream that will suit just about anyone in my opinion. For those eye cream virgin that still cannot decide  what kind of cream that you should buy, I would recommend you to purchase this product.

This eye cream is very lightweight and its cream/gel formula feels thin and refreshing when applied. I espescially love applying the cream in the morning because the tingly cold feeling of the cream just really wakes me up and totally prep me for the morning ritual. One of the claim of the cream that I find truly works  is its promise to diminish eye puffs. After few minutes of application you can tell that the puff below your eyes diminises and the eyes suddenly looks brighter. It also claims to reduce dark circle but in my opinion it does not help to lighten the pigmentation in the undereye area.  Rather it is because the puffs under the eye area diminishes therefore the dark circle also seemed to lighten because the light does not fall on your puffy under eye anymore.

This cream also claims that it will be able to diminish fine lines. But on my experience for those still in their teenage years up to mid 35, where fine lines area created due to the environmental stress and dry undereye area this cream would be able to help you by continually moisture your undereye area and retain its elasticity. However, for those with crowfeet arises because of age I’m truly sorry to say that this eye cream isnt the best one for you. You might want to search for more antioxidants and anti aging ingredients in your eye cream.

This product is suitable to be used both under the eyes and on the  lids. I love that the eye cream helps to hold my eye makeup in place and I also use this to thin thicker concealer such as MAC Studio Finish concealer so I dont look like a clown so much. Usually I would put more of the cream on my undereye and blend the concealer right away and the result is nothing but flawless.

All About Eyes is suitable for day and night use. I even put it on top of my make up when my undereye area is really dry and I can see that my concealer starting to crack. I just put one dot then pat the product lightly and leave it to air dry so it doesn’t mess with my make up.

Clinique All About Eyes is available at Clinique counters nationwide for Rp 380,000 (15ml).

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