The Crew

You see, we’re not faceless Barbies. Please take a moment to see who’s who at Fashionese Daily.

Btw, we’re looking for Managing Editor! Do you have what it takes to be one?


Hanifa Ambadar | CEO of Female Daily Network | @hanzkyy |
She has been blogging since 2000 and was one of the few early players in the Indonesian blogosphere. She started Fashionese Daily in 2005, although at that time still operated under a different name.  In the past, she worked in fashion retail and that’s when her love for fashion grew. Her strength is in the editorial; setting up the editorial direction, finding compelling topics to be featured, interesting angle to be written and making sure that everything is up to the mark.  She is also busy building relationship with people in the industry and sit as Fashion Council for Jakarta Fashion Week. More about Hanzky here.


Affi Assegaf | Business Director of Female Daily Network | @affifd |
She is obsessed with makeup, bath and body products, as well as perfumes. A cosmetics connoisseur, she’s not just another self-proclaimed beauty junkie. She’s an authority in beauty, with experience in the entertainment industry. Before Fashionese Daily, she was M.A.C. Indonesia’s Public Relations Manager, in which she helped the company grew from its infancy to its current market-leading position. Now, M.A.C. has gained a solid market share, supreme brand awareness and become one of the most dominant beauty global brands in Indonesia. In November 2008, she joined the ranks of professionals around the world who quit their glamorous 9-to-5 jobs. More about Affi here.



Dhany | @dhnshrtn

After spending three quarters of her life outside Indonesia, Dhany returned to Jakarta to learn how to make gulai, speak the language, and be Indonesian again. She joined the Fashionese Daily team in April 2013 after stints in mining, TV news production, and fine jewellery, excited to finally let her love for writing take centre stage in her professional life. She likes cream-coloured tops and dresses made out of delicate materials but doesn’t wear any of the sort on account of her eating like a three year-old child and ruining every cute outfit with food stains. When not working on articles for Fashionese Daily, she can be found in her natural state (listening to music while reading up on military history and international security issues).


Associate Editors

Grisselda | @GN1508

She became a beauty enthusiast since 3,5 years ago.  Always enjoy watching beauty videos and reading beauty blogs until now. She loves playing with makeup because she feels makeup is a way to express herself. Put a bold eyeliner, bam, got the fierce look.  Put a bright fuschia lipstick, bam, got the attention.  Put a nude lipstick, bam, got that soft mysterious look.  But the fact is, she holds Bachelor Degree in Information System. But when she felt she would never truly enjoyed that area, she tried to sharpen her passion in writing. The big step was when she tried to jump in media industry, and now here she is!  Her strength is she has that willingness to learn and quick to adapt in this industry even though she had zero formal education about journalistic or creative writing. With her passion in writing and beauty, no doubt she is very comfortable working in Female Daily Network as Fashionese Daily Associate Editor.  Aside of beauty products, she’s obsessed with books since she knew how to read, especially now she loves dystopia novels (waving to The Hunger Games and Divergent lovers).  Last but not least, one sentence to describe her is “She is a bookworm who fell in love with beauty and still prefer driving than cooking.”


Amalia Hayati

Even though her background is not in fashion and beauty industry, but as a long-time beauty enthusiast who has been sharing her beauty tricks on our forum since the beginning, it’s only natural that she finally joined Fashionese Daily full-time in May 2010. She holds bachelor degree in Information System from Melbourne University, and her past experience includes seven year stint in managing websites, corporate events, and later on, a politically-heavy portfolio in ASEAN Secretariat.  She is now more than excited than ever to finally do something that she’s passionate about.

She’s a firm believer that a flawless skin starts from healthy skin, that’s why she can’t live without her full armor of skincare regimen. Pieces made of chiffon and silk, fierce shoes, scarves and vintage pieces are among the staples on her wardrobe. She also has penchant for coffee, glorious food and desert delicacies. Oftentimes, she finds herself cooking in the kitchen for a little therapeutic session after a long day at work.



She previously worked in publishing house, learning about writing, editing and such. She also found the emerging muslim fashion industry in Indonesia is in fast forward mode, it’s worth reinforced. As challenge meets passion, she’d like to bring fashion muslim into elevation, thus promoting hijab as the fashion to women out there. She also moderates the Muslim Outfitter section in Female Daily forum, and has a dippy carving of makeup palettes. In between writings, she keeps up with her home online stock-trading, where her accountant background makes sense :D



By trade, she works in wood industry. Everything else in between, she shares a great love and passion for art and design, architectures, colors and anything that intrigues her senses. To say she has an obsession with makeup is an understatement. But her picky trait doesn’t allow her to just be a hoarder. Instead, she selects her makeup (and everything else) carefully. She is meticulous and a perfectionist by heart. She also has her own jewelry line, a creative outlet for her fiddly fingers and inspired-mind.


Leija | @prin_theth | Let The Beast In

An ordinary short person (153 cm to be exact) who happens to love too many things in life, including the magical world of fashion with all its craftsmanship, art, and the unexplainable coolness.  She feels that she can’t just watch the fashion world goes by—she just has to capture it with her writings and photographs! Before joining the Fashionese Daily team, she worked as journalists in various woman & lifestyle media, and she also once worked as a Creative Team for Trans Studio Theme Park (“The most interesting years of my career…”). Nowadays, when she’s not writing for Fashionese Daily, she would be seen buried under horror books (“Stephen King is king,”), planning for her next holiday, blabbing on her personal blog, taking photographs, or hunting for the right skincare


Wulan Handrajati @wulanhandr

Wulan is a long-life enthusiast of bags (timeless brands fall to her fortè), a rehabilitated makeup junkie, and now passionate about exercising too. She used to live in the U.S. (in a little town in Indiana called West Lafayette, and then Boston), where she first joined the Forum in 2007, and eventually became one of the Female Daily moderators. After a two-year of writing hiatus, she is now back to be one of the Fashionese Daily crew, as proofreader (loves punctuations) and Associate Editor. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana; an MBA, and a Master of Science in Finance, from Boston College, Massachusetts. She currently lives in Jakarta and works in a global energy company. Her side job is trying to get others to embark on a cringe-worthy journey called exercising regularly.



Lena considers herself a full-time tourist; her number one passion is traveling and visiting new places. She is also a beauty junkie – on her first visit to Sephora, she spent almost six hours in the store. To finance her travels and makeup addiction, she works part-time at a university and does some consulting in the economics field. In about 20 years’ time (hopefully less), you’ll find her managing a small bed & breakfast near the beach somewhere in eastern Indonesia.