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Yes of course, you can submit your writing to Fashionese Daily. Just make sure the writing hasn’t been published anywhere else.

Acceptable topics:

  • Fashion (Anything about local/international designers, your opinion on Indonesia or other country fashion scene, your favorite celebrities style, runway review, bags or shoes you are covetting, etc)
  • Beauty (Recent beauty products that you rave, makeup tutorial, your skincare regime, your opinion on certain beauty treatments, salon/spa review, and many more)
  • Shopping (Wants to share your recent haul and current favorite online shop? or hidden places to get cheap and chic stuff? Or maybe you want to do a review on certain store or want to let us know about your shopping budget?)
  • Fit N Fab (Anything related to being healthy)
  • Women Lifestyle (This includes, traveling, fashion/beauty movies and books, tech chic, etc)


What language to use?

Up to you. We take both English and Indonesian. Just write in whatever language you are more comfortable at, as long as it’s those two.


Here’s the step to submit your article:

1. Login to our website, or register yourself if you haven’t been a member.

2. Once you’re logged in, click the drop down arrow next to your username on the right top corner, click “Add New Post”, and choose “Fashionese Daily”


3. You can now compose your article. Don’t forget to upload pictures too by clicking the icon next to Upload/Insert menu. You can upload a few pictures.


4) After finished creating your post, choose “Pending Review” at the status column and click Save as Pending.

Voila! You’re done submitting your article. Our editors will review your article and schedule accordingly.

Got any question about the steps? Feel free to drop it on the comment box :)