Being in Healthy Weight – Part 3b: Get Moving!

This last part of Being in Healthy Weight installments is long overdue, no thanks to my being busy at the office for the past several weeks (and I profusely apologize for it!). Anyway, we are ready to wrap up this

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Being in Healthy Weight – Part 3a: Get Moving!

Here we are, at the last part of the Healthy Weight installments – exercising! This is my favorite part of the series. In context of losing excess weight, you can do it with diet alone, and that is true. But

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Being in Healthy Weight – Part 2b: Better Eating

The healthy weight installments continue! Read the previous parts on motivation (Part 1a and Part 1b), and the preceding section on better eating. In this part 2b, we focus on practical tips on gearing you up to eat better, healthier

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Being in Healthy Weight – PART 2a: Better Eating

I’d always like to set the tone right. For Part 2 of the Healthy Weight Series, here it is: a realistic weight loss program consists of about 80% better eating and 20% increased physical activity. If you have a lot

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Add Variety to Your Exercises: Try Out These Workouts!

We all know that you can always run on the treadmill, hop on that cross-trainer or try the usual weight machines on the gym, but variety is key in maintaining your interests in exercising. When it comes to workout routines,

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