Today’s Outfit: The Biker Sisters

Judulnya keren banget, ya? Padahal ini adalah yang sebenar-benarnya. Saya adalah pengguna jasa ojek sementara kakak saya beberapa bulan terakhir mengendarai motor sendiri ke mana-mana. Jakarta macet, bok! Nggak sanggup kalau suruh nyetir mobil sendiri Pakaian yang paling pas untuk

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198. Inside Her Bag: Dhany, Fashionese Daily Editor

As previously promised, I’ve prepared a peek into what I carry around in the Longchamp Légende . This is probably my favorite bag that I own for sentimental (my mama bequeathed it to me!) and practical (so roomy!) reasons. This

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Today’s Outfit: Beat the Monday Blues with Batik

I recently returned from a two-day trip to Surakarta, courtesy of Batik Danar Hadi. They gifted each participant a batik top to take home, so I decided to wear mine the Monday I returned to the office. Batik Danar Hadi blouse

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Akhirnya datang juga masa di mana saya harus post “Inside Her Bag”. LoL. Sebagai pecinta tas besar (dan juga pembawa segala macam barang), pilihan saya jatuh pada Longchamp Planetes. Ukurannya besar, segala macam pouch saya bisa masuk. Uh-huh, saya pouch freak.

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to radio4

Today’s Outfit; My First Radio Talkshow

Last week, I was invited to share at UFM radio show, Dancing Heels, Thursday spot by Moza Pramita and Affi. This is the first experience for me, to do the radio show! Oh well, I think I did something like this

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Battle of the Week: Le Pliage Against Pop Tote for Travel

Ever since I got my hands on the Longchamp Le Pliage, I got addicted of how light the bag really is. Not only it’s my favourite bag for everyday use, but it’s also the bag of choice for travelling. I’ve

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Today’s Outfit: Going to the Up2Date Show

If Nisa has written about the Up2Date Retrospection show, then I’ll post the outfit that we wore to the show. For me, even though I don’t wear hijab, Up2Date annual show is still one of my favourite shows. Despite being

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Today’s Outfit; A Touch of Red for SK-II Clear for Life Event

There are not that many events where Lita and I both go at the same time. One, the readership of both websites that we manage are quite different; where one focuses on fashion and beauty and the other focuses on

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