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#FDBeauty Nail Tutorial: Galaxy Nail Art

A lot of the nail art looks at New York Fashion Week were refreshingly low-key and fairly down to earth…so maybe it’s time to let your manicure take a trip beyond the outer reaches of the solar system with our

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7 Rekomendasi Cat Kuku Untuk Dipakai Di Kantor

Image Source : LinkĀ  Menggunakan cat kuku untuk bekerja terkadang memiliki dilema tersendiri bagi beberapa wanita karir. Well, lain cerita kalau bekerja di kantor yang agak santai seperti di Female Daily di mana tidak ada larangan menggunakan cat kuku dengan

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Nail Trend: Vivid Pastels!

I’ve noticed that two things make me happy in terms of nail polish color: glitters and bright colors! Alas, glitters are not really work-friendly unless your job requires wearing a feathered head gear. But bright colors I still can do

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Mad About Matte

A few months ago we blogged about the matte nail polish trend. After getting a chance to try the trend, it seems that, for many in our FD forum, the answer is a resounding yay! To get the matte effect,

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Matte Nail Polish: Yay or Nay?

They’re gloss-free, sparkle-free and have now become a huge trend in nail polish. More and more nail polish brands are coming up with their own version of matte polishes such as Zoya, OPI and Orly. Zoya Dovima Zoya Posh OPI

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Grey is the new….blue?

Blue has been the trend in nail polish color for the past few seasons, with seemingly every major brand releasing a blue, such as Chanel with Blue Satin, Zoya with Indigo, Essie with Starry Starry Night, OPI with Russian Navy,

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