Today’s Outfit; Our First Business Trip Together

On May 13, we reached a milestone for Female Daily Network; taking overseas business trip together! It was only to Singapore, but we are hopeful there will be more countries to come We were flying with Garuda Indonesia Airlines and

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Today’s Outfit; Sitting Pretty

These are actually old outfit pictures, taken from way back in *gasp* February. I was about to delete them but then I thought maybe I could put everything in one post. Not bad to fill out empty slots in the

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Ready for the 8th Brightspot Market?

So what are your plans this weekend? Whatever they are, visiting Brightspot Market has to be one of them. Yep, as you may have heard the buzz weeks ago, Brightspot Market is back in town! Because this is their 8th

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Today’s Outfit: A Treasure from Viet Nam Costume

I got this Vietnamese traditional dress around 7 years ago, and it ended up hanging inside my closet all this while. This dress was supposed to be worn in formal occasion – at least that’s how I thought -, with

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Today’s Outfit; Four Outfits in One Weekend

These are from our Women Wired Weekend event last February. I know, I know… I have a long list of today’s outfit back logged The first day I had to change into 3 outfits because we had a few different occasions.

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Today’s Outfit; Umrah Trip, Medina

Ahlan Wasahlan I finally had a chance to pay a visit to my other ‘homeland’ this month. I’m so glad to be able to go in early April where the weather there is still breezy in the morning and night,

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Today’s Outfit: Just Another Saturday Night

Like Affi said in this post, going to the mall usually means work for us nowadays. That’s why, I prefer to go somewhere quite that is not within the compound of a mall during the weekend. Well, I started my

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ariditia new york ophelie cape

Cape Jacket, One of The Trends To Watch in 2012

Cape might be one of the oldest forms of outerwear in fashion history. Cape refers to outerwear with attached collar that falls over the shoulder. People used to wear cape because it is simple to be made and functions to

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