Rainy Season’s Survival Must Haves

It seems the rain is still going to be with us for sometime. At least for another week or two, hopefully not more than a month. But while it still here, the only thing that we can do is rejoice

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Combining Dress with Boots for JFW 09 – Day 2

showhype.com, Chloe on Elle magazine, www.posh24.com I always find Chloe Sevigny’s style inspirational, although sometimes she can be tad too much for my liking. Like these pictures for instance, she pair her dresses with ankle boots and it give the

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Chaneling Zipper Trend via Candyfeet

I know that the Zipper trend has been buzzing for quite sometime. But the thing is this one trend just grew in me. I’m obsessed with zipper to the point where I add zipper to almost every single thing. So

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