Give Yourself the Gift of a Happier Smile This Holiday Season

One of the more, let’s say, interesting beauty trends among Indonesian celebrities right now is that of the “bunny teeth” look. Have you seen these? It’s the ones where people apply veneers to their two front teeth for a more distinct-looking smile, but also one that gives them a more rabbit-like appearance. Sure it’s cute, but what exactly are veneers, and how are they applied?

I wanted to consult with a dentist on this phenomenon and what it would take if someone wanted to achieve the same look; I stopped by the Jakarta Smile Family Dental in Plaza Semanggi to get the dirt on this toothy trend and was greeted by the very friendly Drg. Christine Hendriono, Sp. KG, who assured me that veneers are not just something that comes with senior citizen territory.

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She told me that the clinic offered a comprehensive list of services – everything from gum reshaping to dentures, but their most popular services are scaling (plaque removal), dental whitening (via laser), and orthondotic treatments (through braces and the Invisalign system).

She tells me that she’s seen patients who are keen on getting the “bunny tooth” look as of late, but apparently has had the odd one or two request for something called vampire teeth (this is a real thing, apparently!); she told me frankly that when she runs into a patient with requests that’s a little left of field, she asks them to think twice about their decision because these are trends after all, and trends have a pretty short lifespan.

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This cosmetic modification is made by applying veneers to the teeth, which are basically a thin material applied over teeth. Unlike braces, these only mask any imperfections in someone’s smile and do not alter the way teeth are lined up in the gums. Basically, they “mask” imperfections the way that liquid foundation masks hyperpigmentation in skin.

It’s pretty common for people to come in wanting to get a brighter and straighter smile with veneers, because they are painless, quick to apply, and last for at least a decade. Patients can choose between veneers made of composites or pricier porcelain ones, which have better tensile strength (which means they’re more sturdy and less prone to damage), more accurate coloration, and less prone to staining (this is important to keep in mind if you drink a lot of coffee!).

Veneers are applied in one of two ways, direct and indirect. In the direct method, the veneer is bonded directly on top of the tooth after just one sitting; indirect applications require one sitting so an impression of your teeth can be made, and then veneers suited to the shape of your teeth are applied. You can go about your days eating and brushing your teeth as usual, but just like regular teeth, you might stress the veneer if you bite into something like a chicken bone.

And like all things, it’s recommended that you visit a dentist every 6-12 months to check on the condition of the veneers; when you get a check-up at Jakarta Smile Family Dental, the dentist will conduct a thorough cleanup and make sure that there are no cracks or microleakages in the veneers.

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Jakarta Smile offers dental and orthodontic services, including braces and Invisalign, at super wallet-friendly prices. Their staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and their team of doctors made up of a group of friendly women who look nothing like the dentists who scared you in your childhood!

Jakarta Smile has locations in Plaza Semanggi, Matraman Raya, Cikarang, Kemanggisan, and Citra Garden II. They’ve actually got a bunch of services at special prices for the holiday season, so if you want a brighter smile to ring in the new year with, check out their website, and their Twitter, add their Blackberry PIN (2AF5EE06 / 3316EBF2), or ring up the clinic closest to you for a consultation.