The Anna Sui Fall 2014 Lipstick is Definitely Too Cute to Wear

I’ve always imagined the beauty line from Anna Sui as basically that Betsey Johnson or Vivienne Westwood of beauty: quirky, off-the-wall, and innovative. She manages to marry a rock-and-roll element with girlish charm, and that is no different with the new Lipstick V series.


This is the Anna Sui Lipstick V in #300, Light Pink. Look at the adorable packaging: a crystalline-like plastic cap fits perfectly over a silver tube and black base featuring little stars, and the adorableness does not stop there.

When you open the cap and twist the tube, the bullet that comes out is carved in the shape of a star. We were told that because the bullet was carved in the shape of shooting star, we were to make a wish before using it the first time. This is the sort of saccharine cutesiness that accompanies her products — remember the limited edition Minnie Mouse collection from earlier this year? How do they expect us to tarnish a beautifully shaped bullet by actually wearing it?

IMG_3236The formula is a little more lightweight and sheer than I’m used to, and I needed about four strokes to get the color payoff I wanted on my hand. It was even harder to apply on the lips, because 1) the shape of the bullet is not conducive to the curvature of human lips, and 2) the formula is fairly sheer. It’s easier to get more out of this product if you applied it with a lip brush — but I dare you to do it without hearing the sound of your heart breaking when you alter the perfect shape of the bullet.

IMG_3239This is just one of 10 shades in the Lipstick V series, which in turn is part of the Anna Sui Autumn 2014 collection. This entire collection is called Magic Trick, and it contains all the little items you need for amazing skin. The key look for the season is weightlessness, radiance, and softness — something that this particular product delivers in spades (the formula s sheer and comes in bright shades).

I’ve got a few more products from the Magic Trick collection ready to be reviewed, but what do you think of the lipstick so far? Do you have the heart to destroy its perfectly-carved bullet by simply wearing it?

The Anna Sui Lipstick V is available in 10 shades and retails at IDR 310,000.