Friday Fragrance: Is This What Jon Snow Smells Like?

Excuse the creepy title, but that is exactly the thought that ran across my perverted little mind when I learned that Kit Harrington — that’s Jon Snow if you’re nasty — was going to front the visual campaign for Jimmy Choo’s brand line of men’s shoes and accessories.

Being a pretty big Game of Thrones fan, I get excited whenever I learn that the stars of the show have ended up in some movie or nightclub in the unnecessarily long lull between seasons; and at this point, I appreciate anything to tide me over until season five of the kicks off again in the middle of 2015.


And as part of his fronting duties, Kit also happens to be the face of Jimmy Choo Man, the first-ever men’s fragrance from the Malaysian premier shoemaker. Don’t let the low-key bottle fool you: beyond the simplicity of its straight lines and transparent grey glass, this is an EDT with plenty of attitude. The design of the bottle is meant to be reminiscent of a hip flask, and I like the little leather detail at the bottle cap.

jimmy choo 2

So yeah, this fragrance has plenty of attitude — but is it OK to say that maybe this scent has a little too much attitude? I found it quite overwhelming initially, because when I took a whiff of it the first time, it seemed to scream “MANLY THINGS! BEARD STEAK LUMBERJACK LEATHER CHAIR TOBACCO!”; which is surprising, because the top notes are that of lavender, mandarin, and honeydew melon.

But then it got a lot more calm as soon as it settled onto skin, going from “JOHNNY TESTOSTERONE” to “19th-century English gentleman naturalist” pretty quickly. And it’s here in the middle and base that you would find the notes of pineapple leaf and patchouli, with the latter being especially memorable: the base notes of patchouli and a “warm, amber-based wood” linger on the skin for hours after the initial application.

So is this what Jon Snow smells like? While I always imagined him to smell like melting glaciers and self-pity, I could also imagine this being the official fragrance of the Night’s Watch; I want to believe that this little EDT comes standard-issue in the Night’s Watch Employee Orientation Kit (in addition to fur-lined black cape and strike-anywhere matches).

What starts off as a rather upfront men’s fragrance finishes off nicely into something that’s warm and rich without being overly heady. If you’re the type of girl who’s into wearing men’s fragrances, I think you’d agree with me is I say this has the makings of a classic — but I also wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to wait for it to settle for a few before taking on the world.

Jimmy Choo Man is available as an EDT in bottles of 30 ml (IDR 665,000), 50 ml (IDR 930,000), and 100 ml (IDR 1,150,000). It is also available as After-Shave Balm (IDR 360,000), All-Over Shower Gel (IDR 330,000), and Deodorant Stick (IDR 270,000).