#FDBeauty: 3 Ingredients for Brighter Skin

I think the reason why most of us wear foundation is to conceal imperfections in our complexion, with one of the main offenders being dark spots. One of my fantasies is to have perfectly clear, blemish and dark spot-free skin so I don’t have t blow money on foundations at all.

But alas, that is just a fantasy. Or is it? We already know that the key ingredients to bright and dark spot-free skin are skincare products that are rich in three things:

1. Antioxidants
2. Retinol
3. Vitamin C

Ideally, you should shoot for a range of skin care products that contain these ingredients so you can achieve your dream complexion.

Thankfully, our friends at Melanox have just the right set of products and ingredients that you can use daily for skin that has taken a beating from sun damage, resulting in freckles and hyperpigmentation. Putri wrote an article about how the serum and cream from the Melanox Premium range not only fight off hyperpigmentation, but they contain ingredients that fight signs of aging in skin too (something that Syita found out when she tried the products out too).

But prevention is better than cure, and only way to better shield yourself against sun damage is with a good sunscreen, like the Face UV Protector with SPF 30. Find out how you can use these products (in addition to a cleanser and toner from Melanox with brightening properties too) in your daily skin care routine to get the clear complexion so you can go about with perfect skin without help from a single drop of liquid foundation.