You Need To Meet My New Favorite Moisturizer

I’ve been thinking about my Zombie Apocalypse Skin Care Regimen — that is to say, the bare-bones skin care regimen that I will prepare in case of the zombie apocalypse — since I already have a Zombie Apocalypse Makeup Stash anyway. I’ve always had a hard time pinning down exactly what moisturizer I’d like to have with me when the zombie apocalypse finally strikes (it’s inevitable, and don’t you try to convince me otherwise), but that’s not something I struggle with anymore.

The Moisturizing Care 24 H Long Lasting moisturizer by Corine de Farme has quickly risen among the ranks to become a new favorite skin care staple of mine, and it will definitely be there with me when the undead begin to walk the earth. The French brand has its roots in hypoallergenic skin care suited for sensitive skin, and it has a following of young mothers who purchase their creams and lotions for the very sensitive skin of their newborn babies. I was glad to find this particular facial moisturizer on a random trip to a drugstore, and my next purchase of this product will definitely be far from random.

cdf 1Claims. The product claims to give be “95% of natural origin,” with ingredients that promise to give skin hydration that lasts 24 hours. Other claims include a formula that will “illuminate, smooth, and relax” the skin; there’s also a little sticker on the box that says it’s the “choice for” Miss France, which is cool I guess? I mean, if it’s good enough for Miss France, it’s definitely good enough for me.

Ingredients. Weirdly enough, the product does contain “parfum,” but the scent of the product isn’t too strong or off-putting, so I’m guessing the addition of a fragrance was used to neutralize the scent of the other combined ingredients. And don’t be put off by the fatty alcohols (C14-22 alcohols and cetearyl alcohol) in the ingredients list: these are non-toxic and biodegradable emollient agents that are commonly found in cosmetics and hair care products (also prevalent in skin care products that target eczema sufferers). The active humectants are good old glycerin and the anti-inflammatory caprylic/capric triglyceride.

cdf 2Use and results. The product is dispensed through a pump, and two half-pumps are usually enough for my entire face. The texture of the product is light, velvety, and not at all sticky. It is absorbed into the skin very quickly and doesn’t add any oiliness throughout the day — this is a cause for celebration for all of us in the Overly Active Sebaceous Glands Club!

Technically, this product can be used as a day or night moisturizer — but I really suggest you stick to using a richer moisturizer at night. This is way too light for nighttime use, but it really is perfect for the day: it keeps skin comfortably hydrated without giving you the heavy feeling, like you’ve slapped on a layer of wax on your skin.


- free of parabens, phtalates, alcohol, and colorants
– lightweight and non-greasy, absorbs quickly into skin
– contains antioxidants derived from lychee, white tea, and lingonberry
– great value for your $$$


- no SPF
– limited availability

To be honest with you, I don’t know why the Corine de Farme brand isn’t more popular among skin care enthusiasts, especially among people with sensitive skin, or anyone especially concerned with “natural” ingredients. It does, however, have a solid following for its gently-formulated creams and lotions for babies, and most of the talk about the brand at the forums will reflect the same. 

I’m a little bit concerned because this product is not listed on the website, which means they might be in the process of phasing it out — but it’s still available on the UK website, so I’m going to take that as a good sign. I really like this product and will definitely run out to buy another bottle — if not to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, then just to prepare for the more horrifying possibility of it really being phased out.

Corine de Farme Moisturizing Care (50 ml) is available at Watson’s for IDR 175,000.