Lazada Wades Into the Fashion Deep End with LZD

Okay, friends, I have good news and I have bad news. Which one do you want news?

All right, the bad news is this: your self-control will be once more put to the test with the arrival of yet another online store with .

The good news is this: it’s very unlikely you will go bankrupt, because the prices are very low.

That’s what happens when an online retail company like Lazada tries its hand at fashion production: it finds new creative ways to give good-quality clothing at very friendly prices.
lzd 1

Yep, you read that right: online retailer Lazada is trying their hand at the fast fashion industry with an exclusive clothing line called LZD. This is akin to Amazon starting up their own fashion label, which makes this whole project all the more remarkable.

Spearheading the LZD project is Anne-Marie Bodal, Fashion Creative Director at Lazada Group; with years of retail experience under her belt, she and her team of Singapore-based designers have conceptualized four different collections that can be mixed and matched for maximum fun. With prices between from SGD 7-60 (~IDR 70,000 – 600,000), it’s unlikely that your shopping budget will be dented while you try to stay on top of trends.
lzd 2

One thing I really appreciate about what the label does is this: with a headquarters in Singapore and offices dotting all over Southeast Asia, they are more than familiar with these tropical climes. They cater to their target market by prioritizing materials and choose to only produce clothes that are suitable for the equatorial heat. The design team in Singapore takes great care to ensure that all materials used in the production of clothes are lightweight and airy, so you don’t have to suffer for style. Across all of Southeast Asia, about 30% of the items are targeted specifically for the local market, while the remaining 70% remain largely uniform all across the board.

So in addition to the private label LZD, the fashion portfolio at Lazada is already joined by Free People (a boho-chic line from Urban Outfitters) and Glamorous (a Manchester-based line inspired built for partying). The LZD collection doesn’t stop at just clothes either: it includes shoes and bags, so you can shop for entire looks under one roof.

lzd 3

But there’s still more to come: at their show during Jakarta Fashion Week, LZD also presented pieces from a premium collection. So get your style fix on the LZD website, and flaunt them in your OOTD pictures ;)