7 Questions with Merton Muaremi, Makeup Artist

So as of today, the PAC Colour Olympic seminar and workshops are in full swing. It’ll be two days of learning from top tier makeup artists flown in by PAC Martha Tilaar, and one of those makeup artists is Australian Merton Muaremi. We were given the opportunity to ask him a few questions right before the event to get a feel for his work.

1. Hi Merton! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

merton m 1I am a makeup artist and hair stylist born in Melbourne, Australia. I am 30 years old and I have been involved in the make up industry for the past 10 years both in Australia and Internationally.

Memories of my earliest years are filled with pencils, paint brushes and splashes of colour. As a representational artist, I love to have fun with expressing myself through my creative works.

My artistry has featured in numerous advertising campaigns, editorials and runway shows including Gucci, Versace and Chanel in Australia. Magazines nationally and internationally include August Man, Cosmopolitan, Collection Magazine, Culture, Harper’s Bazaar, Kurv, Manifesto, Marie Claire and Remix. My career has taken me all around Australia, and has taken me to the US, Canada and recently in Europe.

2. How has your background in Visual Arts inspired the way you do makeup?

My background in the Visual Arts has given me the skills required to analyse the facial structure of a model, allowing me to interpret the makeup requirements of clients, to produce both a creative and technically accurate visual representation of their goals.

3. What are some contemporary Australian beauty trends that would do well in Jakarta?

Current trends in Australia are keeping the makeup look fresh and clean, using as little makeup as possible allowing true beauty to shine through.

4. Do you have any beauty pet peeves?

I believe makeup is a personal taste however I think make up is best left to enhance someone’s natural beauty, rather than heavily applied.

5. What’s your favorite decade in terms of beauty? 

I love the 50’s era- the days of Marylin Monore and Audrey Hepburn. Clean natural beauty, winged eyeliner and bold lips. These are women of grace and beauty.

6. Do you have a signature “look” that you like to see on clients?

I personally love to enchance one’s beauty and not cover it up with too much makeup. I like to focus on one feature of the face, whether it be the eyes or the lips. When a woman I’ve worked on walks into a room full of people, my goal is for them to say: “WOW, she looks beautiful” and not “WOW her makeup looks good”.

7. Who is your current beauty muse, and what are some tips you have for women who want to achieve the same look?

Amanda Seyfried. Amanda always looks so emaculate. Simple beautiful makeup where anyone can replicate and wear from night to day.

Merton Muaremi will conduct a eminar and workshop at PAC Color Olypic. For more info on attending it, check out this link.